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Mass Effect 2 DLC Kasumi's Stolen Memory Review Ian's avatar
The question you have to ask yourself when thinking about picking up Kasumi's Stolen Memory is: Would you pay 700 MS Points ($7/£4.80) for Zaeed? Remember how Zaeed didn't have any conversations while on the Normandy, and didn't have a recruitment mission other than a introductory conversation? It's basically just that again. The biggest difference here is that while Zaeed's loyalty mission wasn't particularly notable, Kasumi's mission is really interesting and unique, and you get some new casual clothes out of it.

I started this pack with my main Shepard who has done absolutely everything in the game including the Firewalker DLC. Immediately upon loading up the game you get a new email at your terminal and a Mission to go recruit Kasumi Goto on the Citadel. The first conversation you have with her is through an advertisement display positioned directly opposite the shuttle landing area on the Citadel. She greets you and proceeds to below the details of her planned heist loudly into a public area, which is oddly unstealthy behavious for someone who is supposed to be a master thief. After this she greets you for real and takes up camp in the last remaining closed off room on the Normandy, the port observation lounge. Any future DLC characters will have to stand in the toilets I'm afraid, time to get an Elcor?

As mentioned earlier, she won't engage in conversation with you on the ship, but will comment on random objects in the lounge just like Zaeed does. You can also pour yourself a drink at the mini-bar located in the lounge if you want to wash away your worries about DLC price to content values. The main mission for Kasumi is a heist in which she is trying to infiltrate a party hosted by Afrikaans accented warlord Donovan Hock in order to take back an important cache of data from her past. You show up in your formal dress or suit which looks pretty decent compared to the other casual clothse. Kasumi comes dressed like Garrett from Thief so gets turned away at the door and has to support you from the shadows.

Without giving too much away, this first part plays out a bit like a puzzle where you have to sort out various issues that prevent your from wandering straight into Donovan's vault. I really liked this section and wished it lasted a bit longer, as it inevitably switches back to a straight up shooting section in reasonably familiar warehouse looking areas. Kasumi has an interesting ability to cloak and backstab enemies killing them instantly which she constantly uses during combat. The new areas all look really nice and don't have any obvious asset reuse. They even managed to stick in a Dragon Age reference which you should keep an eye out for.

The entirely of the pack lasts roughtly an hour, and you get a few things to take away from it. Of course you get Kasumi to use in the main game should you be replaying from the beginning. You also get a tech upgrade, a new SMG for your SMG using party members, one 15 point achievement for beating the mission, and you get to keep the casual clothes for some casual captaining. It's a shame there isn't any sort of repeatable content in the game because there is once again absolutely nothing for me to do with these things until they release more DLC unless I start a new game.

Here comes the part of the review where I have to tell you whether to get it or not. I really dislike trying to work out DLC value to content proposals. If you do the maths, this DLC costs 11% of the full game, and by that alone straight up no, it's totally not worth it. This is not anything near 11% of the full game. I also think Kasumi and Zaeed's more limited nature as characters is kind of lazy, and makes them really stand out when compared to the well developed fully fleshed out characters like Dr Solus and Miranda.

Ultimately though, if you want to spend another hour or so playing more Mass Effect 2 then this is a real bite of what made the full game excellent. Unlike the Firewalker DLC there is plenty of good voice acting, a decently developed story, and even a baddie with an Afrikaans accent. It would definitely be one of the more memorable loyalty missions if compared directly with those, it's just that's all it is. I really wish they'd made Kasumi a full character equal to the original ones, if they had then this pack would be the easiest thing in the world to recommend. Chances are if you are actively seeking information about this, you probably care enough about Mass Effect 2 that you should just go buy it. Just be sure to temper your expectations.

Score of 3

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