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Daily Grind Mini-Grindcast: Split/Difference? Josh's avatar
Splitting Mad
Whilst last year’s Infamous and Prototype confounded the gaming public with their hoodies, superpowers and general cosmetic similarities, 2010 heralds a brand new age of confusion with a duo of seemingly identical racing games. On today’s Mini-Grindcast, Josh and Ian cut through the confusion and discuss the differences between Bizarre Creations' neon-streaked power-up fest Blur and Black Rock Studio's explosive Michael Bay-inspired Split/Second: Velocity.

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Mini-Grindcast: Your Mother-Father Is So Fat... Josh's avatar
Word To Your Mother-Father
The Thankless Grind crew indulge in a spot of fisticuffs on today’s episode of the Mini-Grindcast and talk about ACE Team’s first-person brawler Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition for Xbox 360. Embracing the brutal teachings of Metamoq, Ian and Josh deliver a barrage of flying fists to the beaked visages of several mutant chicken men and discuss fish guns, giant hermaphrodites and why saying “Hieronymus Bosch” is so damn satisfying.

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Mini-Grindcast: Horseome! Josh's avatar
Clippity Clop
Like a snake eating its own tail, downloadable content has truly gone full circle; from Oblivion's horse armor to World of Warcraft's Celestial Steed, it seems that gamers are more than happy to pay way too much for equine upgrades. On today's episode of the Mini-Grindcast, Sam and Ian saddle up to discuss Blizzard's latest macrotransaction and decide whether the star-spangled mount should be awarded a red ribbon or used for glue.

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Mini-Grindcast: Third Gear Josh's avatar
Aww, come on!
The announcement of Gears of War 3 has leaked onto the internet like torrent of crimson splashing forth from the belly of a recently disembowelled Locust, and the Thankless Grind crew is ready to bathe in all the gory details. Today’s edition of the Mini-Grindcast finds Ian and Josh crawling out of an Emergence Hole to discuss razor hail, how Epic might evolve its genre-defining cover system, and the implications of a red hot Sera summer.

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Mini-Grindcast: Shattered Spider-Mans Josh's avatar
Did anybody call for a Mini-Grindcast?! The friendly neighbourhood podcasters of Thankless Grind don ridiculous spandex costumes and assemble on the roof of Centre Point to discuss the recently announced Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. In addition to theorising which corner of the Marvel Universe the game’s unannounced variations of Spider-Man could be plucked from, Ian and Josh ponder flying cars, the high-speed internet of the future and the awesomeness of Captain America eating Thor.

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Mini-Grindcast: Cause And Effect Josh's avatar
Today's episode of the Mini-Grindcast calmly parachutes into your eardrums, plants several timed explosives, and then freefalls into your Eustachian tubes whilst making smart remarks about your mother in Spanish. Ian and Josh talk about their experiences with Just Cause and its recently released sequel, discussing how Avalanche’s free-roaming liberate ‘em up has evolved and why sandbox jank isn’t just something that parents should be concerned about. Hasta luego!

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Mini-Grindcast: Monkey Business Josh's avatar
Yarr! Where do you think you're going, fancypants?! Today's Mini-Grindcast be a tale of voodoo curses, saucy wenches and previously owned coffins! The motley crew of the good ship Thankless Grind sit down to knock back a few pints of grog and talk about the upcoming Special Edition of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge.

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Mini-Grindcast: The Spoilers Of War Josh's avatar
Three months, Athena! We have faithfully served the internet's need for video game-based opinions, news, reviews and features for three months! When will you leave us of these nightmares?! On today's gore-drenched episode of the Mini-Grindcast, Sam, Ian and Josh talk about God of War 3's opening chapters, and discuss the finer points of mythological violence, eye gouging, and water horse spider...things.

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Mini-Grindcast: Predatorses Josh's avatar
What could be better than one Predator? Two Predators? Three Predators? Four Predators and a Predator dog? Aside from repeating the word Predator until it loses all meaning, Ian, Sam and Josh spend today's Mini-Grindcast discussing Predators, director Robert Rodriqguez's latest entry into the sci-fi movie franchise. The crew also suggests a few other films that would benefit from being pluralised.

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Mini-Grindcast: I'm Batman (Begins) Josh's avatar
Bam! Thwok! Pow! On today's thrilling episode of the Mini-Grindcast, Josh discusses his first few hours in Arkham Asylum with Sam and Ian. In addition to deliberating the game's spooky gate and childrens choir quotient, the gang also ponders Rocksteady's take on The Dark Knight himself. Remember to tune in tomorrow for more exciting videogame discussion! Same Bat-podcast, same Bat-website!

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