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WoW: Seasonal Bosses - Slimlined Or Sidelined? Sam's avatar
Ahune The Ice Lord
When it comes to feeding an obsessive–compulsive personality disorder, nothing quite hits the spot like a good old World Of Warcraft collect-a-thon. Add into the mix a limited window of opportunity as well as the need to persist all year round and world event boss achievements are right up there with mining every planet in Mass Effect 2 until depleted. However, it appears that Blizzard doesn't agree and have decided to rework the seasonal boss spawning system with the arrival of patch 3.3.3, dubbed 'A Call To Arms'. In response to this, World Of Raids have popped over to the Player Test Realm and reported back on exactly how the new process has been implemented.

When the update arrives, instance based seasonal events will only be accessible to players via the Dungeon Finder, which will dispense with the need to traverse now abandoned areas of the world and dump your preordained or randomly selected party at the feet of a boss. Instead of the usual spawn, slaughter and snatch merry-go-round that usually follows, players will now find a loot filled bag has been cleverly smuggled into their inventory following the first successful completion of an event. This change eliminates daily quests from the spawning equation and in a controversial move, reduces the chance a player has to obtain loot from five times a day to one, if you assume they are part of a full group rolling for items.

Editor Opinions
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Frustration pours from every crack in the current seasonal event process. Finding four other people you trust enough (and who trust you enough) to use all daily spawns without someone mutinying to a fresh party when they don't win a roll is just the start. Getting everyone in a timely fashion to an unused instance you last visited two expansions ago is hard enough, let alone keeping them together while having to slaughter a legion of grey mobs between you and the spawn point.

Then, after all that, you have to deal with the fallout of looting as when it comes to social items, everyone is suddenly the most eligible person in the game. I don't need to go into what happens when someone on their seventeenth spawn of the day loses a roll to a first timer. You wouldn't believe the drama that can arise from someone's desire to be followed around by a minuscule ice crystal with eyes. As it stands, the current system is horrible and I'll be glad to see the back of it in exchange for the seemingly hassle free streamlined version.

My only concern is how, if at all, the loot tables will change when the new system comes into play. If the contents of the bags are are constructed in the same way that loot on a boss's corpse is but on a per person basis, then the chance of getting a single item is about the same as it would be for a group of five who all need the same item completing the event five times. Despite this however, I predict we're going to start hearing the same old complains that seasonal achievements shouldn't be based on a random number generator. Even though the chance of getting an item will be largely the same, I can see how the issue is more pronounced when all your hopes are placed into opening a single bag every day rather in multiple spawns and several rolls.

There is also a loss of flexibility with the new system where the lesser spotted selfless player can no longer help a guildie or friend to farm for their pet collection by donating their spawns to the greater good.

In the past year there have been a lot of accusations that Blizzard have dumbed down WoW to such a degree that jokes about toddlers grinding gold while Daddy is at work might not be as funny as intended. While such claims might be justified when looking at certain changes, I fully support endeavours, such as this, that are designed to minimise the tedious repetition of tasks that offer little to no challenge.