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Ubisoft To Tackle Soccer Giants With Pure Football Sam's avatar
It's soccer, but not sensible.
Ubisoft have today announced that they have succeeded in perfecting their soccer filtering process and will releasing Pure Football to the world in May of this year. Wanting to produce a game that doesn’t just feel like watching a TV broadcast, the game aims to bring ‘the intense, physical and spectacular aspects of the sport’ to the front of the experience by launching players into the middle of an intense 5-a-side match.

Controlled from an over-the-shoulder position, gamers will be able to choose one of 230 elite footballers, 17 legendary players or create their own customized athlete to progress through a campaign tournament. Multiplayer is supported both locally for four players or online for head-to-head games and all matches will be accompanied by a dynamic audio that reflects the nature of individual contests.

Will Ubisoft manage to score a hit with soccer offering, or will Pure Football ultimately end up being an own goal for the Vancouver based developers?

Editor Opinions
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The battle between FIFA and Pro-Evolution Soccer has become a reasonably predictable affair these days, with one or the other usually emerging victorious on a minor technicality such as how realistic the referee‘s socks look. Therefore, it’s nice to see another publisher wading into the fray, albeit with what I’d call a ‘football spin-off‘.

The last game of this ilk to be released was EA’s FIFA Street 3 back in the beginning of 2008, which gave football the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater treatment rather than focusing on realism. Perhaps it’s because I’m a much bigger football fan than I am a skating enthusiast, but I just don’t see the attraction of playing a 5-a-side match in zero gravity with a solid gold ball on the side of the Miir Space Station as it re-enters the atmosphere and splashes down into the ocean. Tennis maybe, cricket definitely, but not football.

As someone who plays 5-a-side football, I really hope that Ubisoft do come through with their intention to show the physical intensity of smaller matches. There is something much more exhilarating about format of the sport in comparison with its larger counterpart and I like that emphasis is put on that it isn’t just another TV broadcast simulator. My only concern so far is that Ubisoft have mentioned that the game will include a number of ‘legendary players’ and ‘elite footballers’ which seems a little at odds with the intimate, raw aspect of the sport they are trying to recreate.

It’s unclear from the released media what is cinematic and what is engine footage, but I feel as long as they ensure that the gameplay is analogous to playing yourself and that personal skill feels more important than tactics, they will succeed in having captured the feeling of Sunday matches down the park.