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Sonic 4 To Be Episodic And Old Skool Sam's avatar
Sonic 4 Episode 1 In an exclusive Q&A session with Sega's Ken Balough, Gamespot have released further information on the company's 'Project Needlemouse', long since understood to be a 2D new Sonic game, that should have long standing fans ready to once again enter a love-hate relationship with the franchise. Although hopes have been dashed before following promising looking first impressions, assurances that the game will be a direct sequel to Sonic & Knuckles will have devotees praying that Sega come through this time.

In a more unexpected turn, the publisher also announced that Sonic 4 would be delivered electronically and that the game, due out this summer on XBL, PSN and Wiiware, will actually the first of an episodic series with an epic story arc, similar to that which Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles shared. There was also some indication that some game elements would utilise motion control, but that this would be limited to the WiiMote and SixAxis rather than the Arc or Natal.

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For a year before they released New Super Mario Bros. Wii I would often go into rants about how I thought that Nintendo should put out a new game called Super Mario Bros. 4 and make it much more like a continuation of the concepts of Mario 3. Of course they went in a bit of a different and much more unwieldy direction with ‘New Super Mario Bros. Wii’ which if nothing else a good description of the game. The game they made went on to have post Mario3 stuff in it too like Yoshi, Bowser Jr, and all that crap. It would certainly take a lot of guts to just throw out everything, and of all people Sega have shown they have more guts than Nintendo with Sonic 4.

I always landed on the side of Mario in the Mario vs. Sonic wars that were fought in every school across the land. This was purely due to lack of exposure to Sonic stuff, and tons of exposure to Mario stuff. Hey, only rich kids had both, and they were usually jerks anyway. I have come to appreciate Sonic a bit later in life than some, although obviously through no fault of Sega putting out shitty sonic game after shitty sonic game. Swords, werehogs, auto targeting attacks, relationships with human women, Silver the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog. It’s like a lexicon of failure. This project was clearly conceived by people who are aware of this. Very much looking forward to seeing how this does.