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Secret Armory of General Knoxx Released Today Ian's avatar
Skyroads! Anyone remember that game?
The third Borderlands DLC pack, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is being released today on Xbox Live Marketplace! By today, I mean the Feb 23rd 2010 for those of you reading this at a later date. It's also being released on the 25th for poor ignored PS3 owners. This just like the previous two packs is priced at 800 MS points ($10/£6.80) on the 360, or just straight up $10 of real dollar monies on the PS3.

This is the third expansion from Gearboxes 2009 FPS/RPG hybrid brings with it a higher level cap, new vehicles, new enemies, and whatever you get when you time a bajilion by itself (I am no mathematician, but I reckon it probably has a lot of zeros) in new weapons. The new level cap is 61, which I think it specifically chosen to mess with people. An increase from 50 to 60 would be too logical and normal, and not that's not how Borderlands rolls.

Worth noting if you haven't beaten Borderlands is that this new area continues the game on from the ending, so you will get nothing out of it if you haven't completed it yet. This differs from the Zombie Island pack because that scaled to your current level. I imagine that those of you like me who played the zombie DLC will be way too high level for the beginning parts of this new pack which from what I've seen is balanced for Level 36-37.

As of posting this, the pack is not up on, but probably will go live in the next few hours.

Update: It's up! As of 19:30 UK time I am downloading it. I think that's like 11:30 on west coast US, and 14:30 on the east cost. Unless my time maths has gone awry, which it probably has.

Editor Opinions
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Man, I love Borderlands. There I said it. I pretty much jumped straight from beating the game into the first Zombie Island DLC, and would have continued to play more Borderlands if there was more to play. That said, I could probably produce a list a mile long of things I think are wrong with the game. None of them however are significant my love of this game.

Here's a few of the issues off the top of my head:

  • The UI, specifically for comparing guns, is garbage.
  • Sniper Rifles bullets should always go when the cross-hair is.
  • Too many skags in the first 10 hours of the game.
  • All the bosses in the second half of the game are easy bordering on broken.
  • The framerate in the last area is terrible.
  • I'm dancing! I'm dancing!
  • The whole Mad Mel vehicle combat section was too hard, most people I talked to ended up using an exploiting to beat it.
  • There's a new quest waiting for you at the Middle of Nowhere bounty board
  • Too many repeated lines of dialogue, from Claptraps and the psycho enemies.
Not a single one of these stops me from liking it though. The only thing that Borderland has done that I didn't like was the second DLC pack Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot. Not a single part of the bit where you played it was any good. I don't need countless hours of overly punishing wave/arena based combat for basically no rewards thanks.