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Rumourish: PS3 Motion Controller named Arc? Ian's avatar
Picture of Arc website A website has been brought to my attention by Justin McElroy of Joystiq's twitter feed of what looks suspiciously like confirmation of a rumour from a couple of weeks ago that the Sony Motion Controller was going to be named 'Arc'. whose domain was registered just 5 days ago, and claims the arc is "The Future of Gaming". It also says "ARC YOU READY?". The site goes on to claim that it will be arriving this fall with the Kownage Expansion Pack, whatever that is.

Editor Opinions
Ian's avatar

I'm convinced 'Arc you ready?' only looks remotely acceptable on that page because of the terrible Spider-Man font they use. I am liking the direction of obnoxious puns they are going with for the marketing. I was starting to get use to the idea of it just being called the "Sony Motion Controller" though, to go along side "Massive Action Game" and "Playstation Network" as very literal branding. Arc is also better than Sphere which was the last name I had heard suggested.

Fall sounds like a good time for this thing to come out, as the previously known date of Q1 was obviously either complete lies, or a product destined for the sort of treatment as the Playstation Eye (Anyone played Eye of Judgement recently? Serious question.). I think the biggest thing I take away from this is a desire to know what on earth a Kownage Expansion Pack, how much one is, and how would I go about obtaining one. I feel my kownage levels are in desperate need of expansion see, and this is basically my only hope at this point.

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You know what, I usually hate the majority of names that the big three give their peripherals. Eye-Toy, stupid. Wii-Motion Plus, dull. Natal, mind-boggling. But the Arc is short, sweet and actually represents (albeit vaguely) what you do when you have one in your hand.However, the tag-line 'Arc You Ready' is so cringe-worthy, I'm positive their branding team must have been off with a virus that day and they got Bobby, the CEO's brain-dead nephew there on work-experience to come up with it in-between changing the coffee filters.

I mean, just off the top of my head they could have used "EmbARC On The Future Of Gaming!" or even better, if they'd have made it white as well, they could have referred to it as "The Great White Arc". I'm clearly much better at this than Sony are, lets just hope Microsoft come up with something better than "Natal's Fatal Y'all".