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Rumour: Is This A Slim Xbox 360 Motherboard? Ian's avatar
The smallest of xboxen
Some shots of what look like smaller Xbox 360 motherboards showed up on a Chinese tech forum. People who know what they're looking at when it comes to this sort of thing say it's a slimmed down CPU and GPU with a massively reduced heat sync for extra hotness. Let's hope they've done the physics maths right on that one.

The only other real notable thing is that there are two SATA ports instead of the single port of the current xbox 360 boards. Clearly this is all 100% confirmed absolute proof that the slim Xbox 360 will have two hard drives (lies).

Anyway, check out the pics:

The smallest of xboxen 1
The smallest of xboxen 2

Editor Opinions
Ian's avatar

Maybe I'm hopelessly naive, but I can't imagine how or why anyone would fake this. The internet is fully of crazy people though, so it's possible. I am no scientist so can't really make more a judgment from the evidence so far. It could of course be a prototype and not in full production. Considering how much the whole red ring issue has cost Microsoft over the years since the 360's release, you'd better believe that they'll be doing some extensive testing on it this time. There's no real tight deadline here either like there was with their rush to beat the PS3 to market, they can just announce it at E3 and release it whenever it's done. If they could possibly align it to be included in the Natal bundle, that would be the best for everyone.

This story reminds me of the leaked box shots of the PSP Go! and Slim PS3, and the half constructed PS3 Slim shots that came out of similar Chinese sites shortly before E3 last year. Apparently Apple are still the only company that can keep a product secret until it's announcement. You may remember I made my wishes for a slimmer Xbox known in a recent Thankless Answers. I still think a different design would be the best way to get public trust back with the 360 will be a substantial redesign.

After two red rings, I have started to get a bit paranoid. Shortly before my second 360 died it signed me out of Xbox Live all of a sudden, so now whenever I get signed out I think it's about to die again, when in reality it's just Virgin Media Broadband doing what it does best. The 360 I have now I'm pretty sure is from one of the substantially more reliable versions that have release since, so it's probably going to be okay. If it did die again and there was a slim version out there, I could see myself buying one.

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