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Peter Molyneux Is Going To Make You Bitch? Ian's avatar
The worlds most modest man Peter Molyneux is positive he's about to upset everyone next week with some sort of announcement at X10. I understand X10 to be some sort of Microsoft invite-only press event, not some sort of standard for weird electronic boxes of unknown function.

Molyneux said "there's some very, very big things happening in Fable, Bigger than you think, and it's going to really upset people." and added "They're going to get super pissed off, they really are." Apparently he considers whatever it is to be the right thing to do.

But what could it all mean!

Editor Opinions
Ian's avatar

Is it odd that I’ve spent so many years becoming upset from believing things this guy has said that I don’t believe him when he tells me he is going to tell me something that is going to make me upset? No you aren’t Peter, why would you think that? Of all the things he could possibly say, I think the most upsetting would be that Fable 3 has some sort of huge delay in release. To be honest, I thought 2010 was a bit early for that game anyway, so it wouldn’t even upset me that much. Maybe if he cancelled it to work on a sequel to The Movies, or Creature Isle that might make me mildly grumpy, but probably more sad.

Personally I think Fable 2 was the first Lionhead game that was actually any good. I think you’d find very few people who would find much positive to say about Black and White at this point. I certainly wouldn’t, and I believe I’m one of the only people on the planet who actually managed to complete the fifth level without it bugging out irreparably, or losing motivation to continue considering it took about 16 hours minimum. It was only even possible to complete after a patch that came out way too late.

I feel like I should share a couple of my experiences playing this level which was so arduous that it eventually drove me who was trying to play through as a good god to use the highest level of Fireball Volley on the enemies crèche. The computer almost crashed trying to calculate the trajectories of 200 flaming infants running around the enemy’s capital setting fire to their civic buildings. Oddly enough, this horrible act barely moved the alignment meter at all. My main tool converting the villages in this level was a holy fence panel which some of my villages had started worshipping after seeing me accidentally move it 5 inches. Just placing it in an village and moving it very slightly converted more villagers than 20 flocks of magical birds, suddenly appearing wood stockpiles, or fireball volleys carefully arced over their heads.

Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is that if he announced that Fable 3 is the last level of Black and White, that would probably make me angry, but also slightly nostalgic.