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Obsidian Working on New Wheel of Time Game! Ian's avatar
Big ol wheel o' time It was a full eleven years ago that the last Wheel of Time based videogame was released by the now long gone Legend Entertainment. Now Red Eagle Games, a company who apparently deals solely in making Wheel of Time games exist has announced they have selected Obsidian as partners to work on a new game based on Robert Jordan's overlong book series.

Chris Avellone, Chief Creative Office of Obsidian had this to say: “The Wheel of Time is one of the greatest and well-received fantasy series of all time. Games set in Robert Jordan’s universe have the chance to deliver on the epic storylines and the complex characters that the series is known for – and this is one of Obsidian’s strengths. It’s a natural fit.”

They intend to release the game which they describe as a 'superior RPG game experience' on all major platforms.

Editor Opinions
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The last Wheel of Time game was little more than a fantasy themed shooter that happened to take place in some classic Wheel of Timey locations such as the tower of Tar Valon and The Ways. A more faithful adaption of the books would definitely be interesting. Perhaps one that had some of the characters from the books in? Also making it a RPG would help immensely with getting across a deeper sense of setting. I imagine it'll probably end up something like a fantasy version of Mass Effect.

As much as I am thrilled to see Chris Avellone's name attached to pretty much any project, Obsidian still need to prove that they can make a good modern console game. I feel like I've been saying this forever but everyone should be watching to see if Alpha Protocol turns out any good. Considering how many times that game has missed a release date, and how long they've really been working on it, if it doesn't then be very worried about this and Fallout New Vegas.

As for my fondness for the series, it basically only extends to the first three books. I actually through the first game was pretty fun at the time, but those were simpler times.