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Nintendo's Upcoming Games Line-up Ian's avatar
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Last week Nintendo announced the release dates for Super Mario Galaxy 2 (11th June for Europe and May 23rd for the US) and various other games. Here is what Nintendo's current significant release line-up looks like:

US release dates
  • April 20th - Monster Hunter Tri
  • May 23rd - Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • June 7th - Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
  • June 27th - Metroid: Other M
Europe release dates
  • April 23rd - Monster Hunter Tri
  • May 7th - Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
  • June 11th - Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • Q3 - Metroid: Other M
Quite a good selection, I just hope there is something left to release in Q4. I guess we'll find out at E3, though I'd be willing to bet it won't be any sort of Zelda. How about that long rumored Kid Icarus Wii game finally? Nah, forget I said anything.

Editor Opinions
Ian's avatar

While this does seem like quite a significant set of releases, I'm only really rubbing my hands together in anticipation of Super Mario Galaxy 2. There seems to be some sort of black hole forming where my knowledge about Sin & Punishment should be. I'll list everything I know about it here: It's the sequel to an N64 game, and there are a lot of people on podcasts and message boards who are very excited that this is being made. A brief look at wikipedia reveals that it's a rails shooter! Really? Huh. I'll definitely keep an eye on this. Should I play the first one? It's out on Virtual Console.

I watched Josh playing Monster Hunter Freedom 2 on his PSP a couple of years ago. It looked neat but the loading times seemed to be brutal. A full console release of this series will probably be a jumping on point for me. I'm not sure why it's Wii only though, what's up with that, Capcom?

I won't embarrass my self by talking about Metroid too much. I played through Super Metroid, and the first Metroid Prime and thought they were great, but didn't really keep up with the sequels. Team Ninja's involvement in this new Metroid game seems to suggest to me that this game will be completely different again. It controls with a sideways wiimote, and involves you switching from 2d side scrolling to first person scanning and shooting. That sounds either awesome or clunky, time will tell which (Please be awesome). My biggest question about this game is still what the M stands for, my theory is that it's Metroid: Other Metroid, because it's another Metroid. They also wanted the acronym to be MoM because it's sort of like an upside down WoW.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the other hand is pretty easy to predict. Hey, did you like that Super Mario Galaxy? Well, what if there was more of it? A few people reacted badly to the announcement of this, hoping for something more original, I understand where they are coming from as I reacted like that to Bioshock 2's announcement. It's tempting to demand the newest greatest idea from Nintendo, but those take years and years. It was six years between Mario 64 and Sunshine, and five years between Sunshine and Galaxy. This sequel is coming out a mere two and a half years after Mario Galaxy did, so I am absolutely fine with it being basically just more levels for the previous game. I'm also not sure where they could possibly go with the series after Galaxy and not have it seem like a step backwards. My money is on Super Mario Space/Time Continuum.