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New 2010 Pokemon DS Game used SLASH! Ian's avatar
Picture of Koffing IGN are reporting that Nintendo are reporting (reported via Joystiq (sigh, we'll get the exclusive one day) ), that they are making a new real full real Pokemon game to be released in 2010 in Japan for the DS!

"Nintendo did not share details on the game today, only hinting that it would have new Pokemon, take place in a new region, and feature new gameplay concepts. "

Let's hope it has Koffing in it.

Editor Opinions
Ian's avatar

I'm almost ashamed to admit that I've never completed a Pokemon game. I've played about half of all of them and watched a horribly large amount of the dumb cartoon about ten years ago. But there's something about the pacing of the combat in the games that sort of wears me down to the point where it just seems like a massive hassle. I call it the "It's Super Effective!" effect. As the combat gets more complicated, the number of stupid messages that pop up in combat that make the battles take longer and longer. Like when it's raining and it tells you it is raining between every move. Surely the graphical representation is enough? Also, there must be a faster way to inform you that an attack critted than by telling you it's super-effective with slow text?

The pokemon elemental system also gets really confusing, and I end up staring at the 17x17 grid trying to work out why my attacks aren't working. So FIGHT attacks are weak against POISON pokemons, but effective against STEEL pokemons? What? I'm probably making it more complicated than it needs to be and not just using Gyarados and Zigzagoon the whole game. Just kidding about Zigzagoon.