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Free Mass Effect 2 DLC Firewalker Out Early March Ian's avatar
The Hammerhead Floats!
Bioware have announced via their Cerberus Network that a new Mass Effect 2 DLC pack called 'Firewalker' is coming out in early March. The pack is described as containing 5 missions involving a new vehicle called the Hammerhead, which is a hover-tank that tops out at 120 kilometres per hour and can fire missiles at things accurately while doing so.

The pack is free to all Cerberus Network members, which is anyone who bought the game new, or paid 1200 Microsoft Points ($15/£10.20) for access with a used copy. This is part of EA’s continuing 'Project Ten Dollar', a company wide effort to get people to either buy their games new, or pay $10 for a technically non-essential but nonetheless worthwhile part of it. I guess I should make the joke about how it should be named 'Project Fifteen Dollar' here, but I won’t. I’m above that.

Editor Opinions
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Wow, these guys are brave. Bioware have proven that they don’t know when their vehicle’s are good, and appeared to realise this with the noticeable absence of the Mako in Mass Effect 2. Could they be about to repeat the same mistake? Well, if they are it won't be to the same extent as in Mass Effect. One of the biggest problems with the Mako is that if you did all the side-stuff in that game, you had to spend like 20 hours driving the damn thing around looking for mining nodes while getting caught on geometry and unsuccessfully trying to free yourself with the jump jets that never worked quite how you expected them to. No matter how bad the Hammerhead controls, if it’s only five missions then it won’t be a problem.

Of course all my concerns could be completely unfounded and it could be great. Having it float is probably a good idea, as you can just forget about having to design negotiable terrain for it. Still seems an odd direction for them to go in with this first post-release DLC. I hope further down the line they make a Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening style add-on pack that continues the story on. Of course they’ve also said they’d like to get Mass Effect 3 out relatively quickly after 2, so maybe they shouldn’t bother. Any additional choices will just make the development of that game more and more difficult, especially if you have choices and events that you can’t guarantee the player has even seen. Urgh, just thinking about it is giving me a headache. Either that or I am hungover.

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