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In A Box Of Lego Far Far Away... Continuing their parasitic infection of any franchise they can get their hands on, Traveller's Tales has announced that The Clone Wars will be getting the Lego cloning treatment as part of their ongoing Star Wars partnership with Lucasarts. Due in Autumn of this year, Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars will follow the narrative of the animated cartoon series rather than the more recent film and be available on pretty much every platform out there, probably including some that haven't been invented yet.

In addition to the plethora of characters and cheeky wit that come as part and parcel of the ubiquitous collectathons, this latest instalment also promises an expanded level editor that will allow the creation of customised bases and in-game battlefields. Perhaps more interesting though, is the inclusion of brand new battle modes that will allow players to take part in head-to-head combat, something only briefly touched upon in the previous Lego games.

Editor Opinions
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When I first read the announcement about Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, my initial emotion was excitement. Like a good little consumer, I always get drawn in by the promise of more Lego goodness regardless of the franchise it is connected to and as such, currently own the full back catalogue of Traveller's Tales games. However, as much as I enjoyed the film based Star Wars games and the first Indiana Jones offering, the sequel and the Lego Batman still remain on my shelf, barely touched.

I can't quite put my finger on why I haven't been as enamoured with the most recent Lego games, but it's probably something to do with how their stories have been hashed together from bits and pieces from the respective universes rather than being based on a well known and loved narrative. This together with the removal of the more taxing challenge modes (not to mention some truly horrible vehicle levels) and I have to admit that Traveller's Tales have been a bit sloppy with their attempts to keep their obese cash cow waddling down the road.

Of course, it could be that after so many hours of collecting studs, I've reached a natural point where the gameplay no longer holds any interest. However, I'm willing to hold off from this conclusion until the next Lego game comes out, as I'm an unashamed Harry Potter nerd. If my love of the story is enough to rekindle some level of enjoyment in the Lego franchise, I may allow myself to get properly excited for this game, as I hear The Clone Wars story is also pretty strong