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Is Rockstar Adding To L.A. Noire's Corruption? Sam's avatar
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On the surface, the recreation of a virtual 1940s Los Angeles by Australian developers in Sydney and predominantly English publishers in the dreary north of the country sounds a bit like a match made in hell. However, throw the name Rockstar into the mix and all of a sudden ears start pricking up and mouths start salivating in anticipation of the "perfectly recreated" open world version of L.A. that Team Bondi are creating.

Now several years down the line from it's initial conception, Game Informer have acquired several exclusive L.A. Noire screenshots that augment the existing teaser video in demonstrating what the finished product might play like when it is released this September. Featuring a proprietary engine unrelated to Rockstar's RAGE technology, Team Bondi intended to show off more of their corruption, drugs and jazz filled world on the official L.A. Noire website over the next few days.

Editor Opinions
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Why is it that as soon as Rockstar is linked with a game, no matter how tentatively, everyone goes a bit frothy at the mouth? I'm fully aware of the pedigree surrounding the company, but I was disappointed with the lack of innovation in GTA IV and as such, refuse to accept that everything they touch turns to gold.

Although only designated as the publishers of the game, the art style shown in the new screenshots and the earlier released video suggest to me that there's a bigger Rockstar thumb in Team Bondi's pie than has been formally announced. In the past, L.A. Noire has been described as open-ended challenge where players attempt to solve a series of murders, but with no sign of sleuthing in any of the media released so far I fear that all we're going to get is a mod for GTA IV with a 1940s aesthetic.

As always, time will tell, whether or not my concerns are bona fide, but if we're looking at another open world game handicapped by a linear storyline and limited run'n'gun mechanics, then colour me disinterested.