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Guttertrash! Dudley To Be In Super Street Fighter 4? Ian's avatar
Dudley likes tea! While Dudley's presence has not been officially announced in Super Street Fighter 4, it's the only logical conclusion based the fact that the good folks at Giant Bomb received a mysterious package from Capcom in the mail. Inside was a boxing glove holding a rose. The only person gentlemanly enough to hold a rose while wearing a boxing paraphernalia is of course no-one’s favourite Street Fighter character Dudley. It's not that much of a stretch to conclude that this could only mean that this long forgotten character is probably going to be making an appearance in the upcoming super version Street Fighter 4, uh, Super Street Fighter 4.

"Why on earth are you even posting about this?" I hear you ask. Not being remotely interested in fighting games as I am, I wasn’t aware there had been a Street Fighter 3 until a flat-mate started playing it in an anniversary edition. The only thing that stood out to me about the game was the new British character Dudley. He’s an upper-class gentlemen boxer who throws roses at his enemy as a taunt. He also says “Guttertrash!” or “You have no dignity.” at the end of rounds. His background is a nonsensical collage of London, which implies that Harrods is on Downing Street next to Knightsbridge tube station. There is also a horse and cart in the background sitting next to a Mini Minor.

Dudley's stage!

Insane Japanese visions of London and England always amuse me. The biggest thing this means to me is that there is a team of people in Japan somewhere coming up with a new ridiculous London background, and hopefully someone yelling peculiar British phrases down a microphone.

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My meagre 10 achievement points in Street Fighter 4 probably reveal how much I care about fighting games. If I could sum up hours of discussion about why I’m not into them into a single sentiment, it's that to me they feel like the combat system of a bigger game. For some reason I played through Naruto Rise of a Ninja which is exactly that. It's an open-worldish action adventure where when combat happens it turns into a fighting game. You can also get new moves and increase your life bar by playing the other parts of the game, etc. This all negates the aspect of fighting games I don't care for is the which would be the whole process of learning moves, and getting genuinely good with a character. It’s definitely not a great game, but it’s more along the lines of how I would like fighting games to be.

Any kind of character progression ruins the perfect balance that the developer is striving for with a game like Street Fighter 4. I guess I don't have the patience to learn how to play at this point, and I don't have the seemingly innate skill that most fans built up earlier in their life playing Street Fighter 2 or something. I also don't have anyone I can play with of equal skill level, which I feel is necessary as training against the CPU doesn't seem to work for me.

Anyway, regardless of all of that, Dudley is funny.