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Fallout New Vegas Trailer Released, Features Vegas (and a claptrap) Ian's avatar
Screenshot of trailer, dude standing on a hill overlooking vegas. Bethesda have finally broken silence on Obsidian developed Fallout New Vegas by releasing a trailer and a vague Fall release date. No in-game footage or anything, more a tone setting sort of affair.

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Seriously, are unicycle having robots in wastelands in this year, or is that just a claptrap? Obsidian still have a lot to prove. KOTOR 2 was janky and unfinished, NWN 2 was ran like ass and was really hard to get into, and that's coming from someone who loved Baldur's Gate 1-2, IWD, Planescape Torment, etc. They are clearly highly talented, but just never quite manage to get their stuff together recently. All our internet eyes should be on Alpha Protocol which pretty much has to come out before this right?

I loved Fallout 3, and that was dodgy in it's own specific Bethesda sort of way, imagine the crazy messed up bugs that Obsidian and Bethesda can make with their collaboration. Really, this project is bringing together so much potential to be awesome. Bethesda, Fallout, Obsidian, the interesting setting of Post Apocalyptic Las Vegas, Borderlands references, Ron Perlman, a Nazi looking guy, graves. This could be one of the greatest game of the year if it all goes right...