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Fable 3 Causes Delight Not Anger Ian's avatar
Bored Fable King

A bunch of outlets got to see Fable 3 at X10, not us though. So far I haven't read anything about it that got me angry like Mr Molyneux was apparently expecting. As a friend suggested, maybe he was just hedging his bets as everything else he's ever said made vast swathes of people angry; "Rrrr, A dog? I hate dogs!" they would say. Dog haters will continue to have a reason to not like Fable 3 as the dog is one of the things that will carry over into this short awaited sequel. Considering the 4 year gap between the first and second Fables, it really feels like Lionhead are getting into their development cycle groove with not having to totally redo their engine, and long may it continue which will probably be for as long as this console generation lasts.

The biggest changes to the game from Fable 2 seem to be touching stuff, ruling stuff as a monarch, and various thing morphing in various ways. The touching is sort of hugging your wife or leading a tramp to their death in a factory depending on which side of the good/evil split you are lying. I think someone must of played Ico recently and thought all the hand-holding was charming. As a king of Albion you’ll apparently have to sort stuff out with your kingdom as it’s full of whiners who can’t save their own village from a simple invasion of hobbes.

The morphing system allows your to make ridiculous demon and angel wings protrude from your back at the click of an expressions wheel option. Your weapon apparently also changes appearance depending on what dastardly or highly justified acts you are getting up to. Those of you who remember Black and White will remember that this is pretty much the same thing as happened in that game with your monster and temple changing appearance in this same manner. In Fable 4 it should be your beard that gets more or less evil looking, morphing from friendly a Santa Claus/David Bellamy bush to a grand vizier goatee. .

Here is a video that probably explains all this better than I am doing anyway:

My biggest take away from this is that from the brief shots of gameplay seen here, they really don’t seem to have done much to Fable 2. The image of a man standing next to his dog in front of what looks like bower lake could be Fable 2 for all I know. This isn’t really an issue, Fable 2 was surprisingly awesome, and I really am sitting here taking everything I am being told about Fable 3 with a larger pinch of salt than would normally be palatable. I just know to expect nonsensical amounts of hype from Lionhead and that it’ll probably be a fine game. .

I’m still not sure what Peter was expecting us to get angry about. So far the only things that I am unsure about are his description of "the world being your health bar". I can't really imagine what this might mean. Is he talking about a normal post-gears regenerating health blood effect? Or will the world visibly degrade as you take sword blows to the face and neck? I’m not sure what Peter has against user interfaces either, there’s nothing wrong with a health bar. Black and White had a minimal interface that went so far that you had no idea what was going on half the time, and were left with drawing stars and houses on the ground with your mouse in order to issue commands. I thought they had got over this when Black and White 2 (yes, there was a sequel, it was bad) had an enormous and very clunky interface.

He also describes replacing a numerical experience system with differing numbers of followers. I sure hope you aren’t followed around by a gaggle of lackies getting in your way. I can’t stand it when characters follow you around in games, especially if they have a physical presence in the world and stop you from getting through doors. I was happy you clipped through your dog in the first game. I wonder if it’ll be the same dog, the Fable 2’s dog must have been at least 30 years old by the end of that game so I imagine it’s just you’re a normal immortal thoroughbred hound.