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Heads Bludgeoned

EA Mention Dead Space Extraction HD and Planet Cracker for XBLA/PSN Ian's avatar
Necromorph wants hugs! Kotaku are reporting that they've seen a survey that mentions a port that would put 2009's least played game Dead Space Extraction on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Dead Space Extraction was last years Wii "Guided First-Person Experience" flop, and served as a prequel to the original Dead Space.

The survey apparently also mentions an XBLA game set in the Dead Space universe called Planet Cracker. The player will take on the role of the commander of one of the giant Planet Cracker ships, hopefully one slightly less infested with Necromorphs than the Ishimura. You will have to maximise your daily profits and defend your ship from space pirates.

Both games are listed as being incentives for Dead Space 2 in the style of Fable 2 Pub Games.

Editor Opinions
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I was one of the 9000 people who bought Dead Space Extraction, that game was awesome. I think it's the best looking game I've played on the Wii, and looked just like a slightly blurrier version of the 360 game a lot of the time. The term "guided first person experience" they used to describe what genre was odd but accurate. It wasn't your traditional rails shooter with spinning power-ups and a booming voice saying "RELOAD!" every couple of seconds. It did have a lot of the same mechanics but it was all contextualised in Dead Space terms, so the anti-grav device picked up objects, and you had to dismember enemies to the same degree as the original game in order to stop them murdering you with hugs (see pic).

The game also stopped to catch it's breath occasionally, giving you control over the camera in order to solve a puzzle or clear out a room full of ammo/upgrades. There were some very tense scenes where you were trying to solve a puzzle to open the door on half the screen, and stop enemies from getting close enough to mess you up on the other half. It's an odd idea putting this game on the 360 just mechanically. There is no established light-gun technology for the 360, and I don't think moving a cursor around the screen with the analogue sticks like a mouse is the answer. You could probably take the guts of that game and make a much more linear version of Dead Space with the same content and assets, but with the direct control that people are used to.

Planet Cracker could be very interesting if they go deep enough. On it's surface they could easily be describing a dumb facebook game. "I collected 2 million tonnes of ore and killed 45 space pirates in Planet Cracker!". I wonder at what point someone decided Dead Space should have space pirates. In my mind, if you are just going to call baddies space pirates, you need to go the Futurama route of having their ships look like galleons and have multiple peglimbs of various types. I guess someone was tasked with solving the problem of what threatens spaceships in the Dead Space universe, because Necromorphs don't really seem like they would have the patience to fly a ship. They would probably just slice the seat covers to shreds and puke on everything. I can see how this person probably went from having "Like space pirates, but better." written on a pad to "Space Pirates." over the course of a couple of months.