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EA Planning New Dragon Age In Q1 2011 Ian's avatar
Enchanment! Nestled in amongst a bevvy of interesting announcements made by EA on Monday was a reference to a new Dragon Age title, on consoles, handhelds and PCs. Apparently EA consider the iPhone to be a handheld, so maybe a mobile Dragon Age might turn out like Mass Effect Galaxy of which here's my mini-review: A for Effort, F for making a playable game.

My pitch for a Dragon Age iPhone game is "Dragon Age: Enchantment" where you play as lyrium-addled enchantment-sayer Sandal wandering around exploding hordes of hurlocks with the poorly defined power of enchantment. There would also be the normal Bioware style conversations, but your only responses would be the word "Enchantment" said with a variety of emphasises and enthusiasm. "Did you accidentally enchant your own dog to death Sandal?" "Enchaaaantment..."

A Q1 2011 release would mean this would hit shelves a mere 15 months after the original game which is quite a quick turn-around for a whole new game of the scale of Dragon Age. Considering they've announced plans to support the original with DLC for the next two years I'm not sure how they are going to find the time.

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Surely there is no way they can possibly get a full dragon age game out this quickly? They are already releasing another full boxed expansion in March with Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening. If they really do intend two full years of expansions and smaller downloadable chunks, how do you even write continuity for a proper sequel? There are already so many ways that things can go in the base game that it would be hard enough with just that as a platform.

This game along side Mass Effect 2 really push the concept of spoilers from what does happen in the game to what could happen in the game. Does the possibility for a character to die constitute a spoiler if they never do and never even seem likely to while you are playing it yourself?

Bioware must be one of the busiest developers around. They must have a team working on Star Wars: The Old Republic, a Mass Effect 3 team (it was announced in one of the loading screen tips in Mass Effect 2), a Mass Effect DLC team, a Dragon Age DLC team, a Dragon Age expansions team, and a new Dragon Age property team? I wonder which of these teams is made of the people who put out that terrible DS Sonic RPG. On top of that, how much Dragon Age can I possibly deal with?

I think the smaller DLC chunks aren’t really worth very much. The one and a half hours I spend returning to Ostagar were fine, but removed from the context of the overall progression; it was just kind of plain. A nice reminder of my ninety hours playing Dragon Age to be sure, but I think a longer experience such as the one that Awakening is hopefully going to deliver is much more worthwhile, to me at least. My favourite DLC packs since the conception of DLC packs are probably Borderlands’s Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, and Fallout 3’s Point Lookout. Both were 5-6 hours long, and formed sort of like a miniature version of the progression in the main game. More of that sort of thing please, less of Mad Moxxi or Battle of Forli.