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Cliff Bleszinski Implies Gears of War 3 On Twitter Ian's avatar
dont call him cliffy
Cliff Bleszinsski, head honcho over at Epic Megagames, had this to say via the exciting new medium of "twitter":

From Cliff's verified account TheRealCliffyB:
In games we do things in threes. I don't know why, honestly, we just do.

Those of you with memories that still go back to early 2008 might remember that the first time Gears of War 2 was shown at the Games Developer Conference in the form of a meat cube tech demo. If Gears of War 3 is following the same rough release schedule, at GDC 2010 which is running March 9th-13th it seems likely that we'll get some sort of Gears 3 related announcement.

Editor Opinions
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I have this plan to make a part of the site that lists all the crazy things I have predicted, and track whether they come true or not. I'm pretty damned sure about this one though. I really appreciate a developer that can turn a great game around within a two year development cycle, and I think Epic is still such a developer.

Regarding Gears itself, I feel like everything I’ve read about Gears 2 over the last year has been resoundingly negative, but always in relation to the multiplayer which I couldn’t care less about. Gears 2 had a really awesome single player, and that’s that. I’m not sure how Gears 3 manages to up the ante any more, but if anyone is up to the challenge it’s Epic. Also, I hope they get matchmaking working and fix shotguns for you multiplayer guys, or whatever is wrong with it now.