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Hot of the presses comes news that the maps that came with the limited edition of Assassin's Creed 2 will be available alongside the Bonfire of the Vanities DLC tomorrow (18th Feb). The three secret Templar locations (Palazzo Medici, Santa Maria dei Frari, and Arsenal Shipyard) were previously only available in the various limited version of the game. The version I got came with the Arsenal Shipyard, but not the other two for some reason. If the other two secret Templar locations are similar to the Arsenal Shipyard, you won't get much out of apart from gold you don't need because you bought all the mansion upgrades in the first third of the game, and roughly 20 minutes of well realised platforming possibly in a church or palace.

The Bonfire of the Vanities pack is Sequence 13 from the game, and will open up that southern part of Florence which I kept expecting to open up at some point, then forgot about, then was like "Oh right, that!" when I read about it opening up a few minutes ago. This pack will continue on from the Battle of Forli which I reviewed the other day.

Here is a trailer!

The Bonfire of the Vanities on it’s own will set you back 320 of those Microsoft Point things (£2.72/$4.00). The version with the Templar Locations will cost 520 points (£4.42/$6.50) . As far as I understand it you won’t be able to get them on their own, and you doubly won’t be able to buy just the two of them that you don't have, so as someone who only needs two of the three I think I might be getting ripped off. They owe me like 25 points (£0.21/$0.31)! Or will do when I eagerly buy it tomorrow.

Editor Opinions
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I would still pay like 200 points for the ability to replay sequences of the plot. The first game had it, not sure what’s so hard about putting it in this game. There’s probably some really excellent reason why it can’t, but could only possibly be understood by those who know a lot about how the code for missions was put together. That last level, and the ridiculous goddamn ending were so amazing, it’s a shame that I would have to replay that entire game, or just put up with poorly compressed YouTube versions of it. The weird quasi-sequel that’s supposed to come out on the next year is apparently set in Rome (place the last mission was set in), so I will hopefully get to see more of that stuff. It looked like they’d already mapped out quite a lot of what they’d need to do to make a real Assassin’s Creed city out of it.

Once again I find myself speculating about the third game. I think at some point you are going to need to play a sizable chunk of an Assassin’s Creed game as Desmond, but I’m not sure if the next game is the time for it. I think the 3rd game would still need another historical aspect to it, maybe a 50/50 split between the two. The problem comes that in the real world the game looses it’s entire concession for users interface, so they’d have to come up with something really contrived, or just a regular UI which would sort of work against what they’ve been doing the whole time. If the developers asked me on the spot which historical location they should use, I’d probably tell them to use Jack the Ripper era London. Quite an obvious choice of course, but there haven’t been enough attempts at video game London, and none in the last few years.