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Alan Wake Finally Fighting with Light in Late May Ian's avatar
Fight with Light!

Yes, Alan Wake. The Alan Wake, will be arriving in stores across the Americas on May 18th , and May 21st for all us lucky Europeans. This was news coming out of Microsofts X10 event, where they also released this trailer.

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The last game Remedy Entertainment managed to get shipped was Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne back in 2003, and it was awesome. I know Remedy take their time to get things right, but it's really staggering thinking about how long this has taken. They first announced it at E3 2005 with this trailer which looks like it was a good way into development. From a conceptual standpoint, not a lot seems to have changed in the last 5 years. What has changed is probably every single line of code at least twice in order to keep up with modern engine technology.

There are a few games that attain a sort of mythical status, and this by virtue of it's apparent seven year development cycle is one of them. I can scarcely believe that in a three and a bit months I might actually be playing this game. Since the death of Duke Nukem Forever, I had assumed that most of these games were just destined to never actually make it out. Remedy did manage to turn the sequel to May Payne around in just 2 years, so if they follow the same cycle we’ll get Alan Wake 2: The Appendices of Alan Wake in 2012, then nothing till Geoffrey Simmons or something is released in 2019.