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News Not Enough Time-Units For 2K Marin's New XCOM Ian's avatar
Finally justifying a rumour that's been knocking around since February 2007, 2K Games have finally announced that 2K Marin (formerly 2K Australia) the co-developers of Bioshock 2 are working on a new X-COM game titled "XCOM".

Planned for release on Xbox 360 and Windows, XCOM will be apparently be a first-person shooter rather than the strategic base management or tactical squad commanding of the first few X-COM games.

For a lengthy rant about all of this Read on!
Ian's avatar Ian
Check out my our new Master of Magic game, it's a third person shooter!
UK Game Charts - March 27th - Just Because Ian's avatar
Arundel Castle
Chart-Track have released the UK Sales charts for the week ending 27th March. We don't usually report on this, but I thought Josh would be happy to see that people other than him are obsessed with Just Cause 2 too. The people of the UK are sometimes known to dance, albeit poorly, so it is no surprise that Just Dance is continuing to dominate the chart. Maybe there is some sort of brand confusion or synergy between Just Cause and Just Dance. I personally hope we are about to see a wave of games that start with the word 'Just', like 'Just Stab' and 'Just Auto-Attack'.

Read on for the chart!
Ian's avatar Ian
Cool! People are buying Metro 2033!
Josh's avatar Josh
I think it makes perfect sense that Just Cause 2 is doing so well.
James's avatar James
I'm proud to continue backing the unpopular Pokemon game for yet another generation.
2010 British Academy Video Games Awards - Part 1 Ian's avatar
The British Academy of Film and Television Arts have held their Video Game awards for 2009. I think they really need to start incorporating Video Games into their fancy title somewhere if they're going to be doing things like that. I've decided to use this momentous occasion or whatever to hold a bit of a GOTY 2009 thing for the site. I'm not sure if you remember 2009 but this here website weren't around back then, nonetheless we played most of these games. Here are BAFTA's winners, as well as our personal picks for the first five categories.

For nominations and results, Read on!
Mass Effect 2 DLC Firewalker Released Ian's avatar
Progress Bar
Just a quick heads up. Firewalker is out right now on the Cerberus network. For some reason it's not showing up in the Xbox Marketplace on the console, or on the web version of the marketplace. It's totally there if you go to the store in game though. The pack is free as announced, and is 353.67 MB.

Read On for more details about how to download and start the pack.
Nintendo To Visit Another Dimension With The 3DS Sam's avatar
No more red eye!
Through a confusing exchange of information involving Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, Japanese newspaper The Asahi Shimbun and Kotaku, it would appear that the multinational corporation has let slip that they will reveal a new piece of hardware at this year's E3, the 3DS. Allegedly sporting highly detailed graphics and a motion sensor, the main attraction of the successor to the recently released DSi XL will be the ability to experience 3D effects without the need for any glasses.

To find out what Sam thinks about Nintendo's potential dimension jump, hit More.
Sam's avatar Sam
It's 3D Jim, but not as we know it.
Ian's avatar Ian
Gotta say, didn't see this one coming.
Rumour: Is This A Slim Xbox 360 Motherboard? Ian's avatar
The smallest of xboxen
Some shots of what look like smaller Xbox 360 motherboards showed up on a Chinese tech forum. People who know what they're looking at when it comes to this sort of thing say it's a slimmed down CPU and GPU with a massively reduced heat sync for extra hotness. Let's hope they've done the physics maths right on that one.

The only other real notable thing is that there are two SATA ports instead of the single port of the current xbox 360 boards. Clearly this is all 100% confirmed absolute proof that the slim Xbox 360 will have two hard drives (lies).

Read on for pictures and my thoughts on this.
Ian's avatar Ian
I've been wishing for a slim xbox for ages. Hope this turns out to be real.
Rumour: Gears Of War 3 Not Coming Till April 2011! Ian's avatar
A 'trusted' source told uk based Edge that Epic's Gears of War 3 will not be out this year as expected, but will instead have an early April 2011 release date. There is apparently also a trailer due to be revealed on April 8th of this year. The source lays out some very basic things about Gears of War 3, including the fact that it will apparently continue the story of the war against the Locust from the previous two games, which is news to no-one and probably only mentioned to bulk out the leak a bit.

The apparent reason for this delay is that Microsoft want to keep Q4 clear for Halo Reach and their inevitable Natal push. This makes it sound like the Gears of War 3 could be ready for Q4 if they want it to come out then. Of course none of this is official information. The first part will be verifiable when April 8th rolls by and a trailer does or doesn't get released.

Hit more for more secret insider info about Gears of War 3 (spoilers: It has guns in it).
Ian's avatar Ian
Being an industry insider sounds easy
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Could Be Neat Ian's avatar
Adam Jenson is no JC Denton
At long last we have some more details about Deus Ex 3, and it’s not that they've renamed it D3us 3x or something dumb as with Thi4f. The real title is Deus Ex: Human Revolution which is certainly different to what I was expecting. As this game is a prequel rather than a reboot or a remake, neither Deus Ex 3 nor simply 'Deus Ex' would have worked very well. It must be a challenge going back to a series after this long. Do you try and focus on invoking nostalgia from the existing fans, or try and introduce it to todays audience? The original audience while still around is probably relatively tiny compared to the number of people who currently play games and have no idea what a Deus Ex is. From what they've said about the game so far it does look like they're trying someting new rather copying everything including the Matrix influenced aesthetic of the original.

Other stuff about the game from GDC include a trailer in which main character Adam Jensen seems really bummed out about having metal arms. He is also having weird dreams where he is a 16th century renaissance Icarus for some probably allegorical reasons. This Kotaku article talks about how they’ve drizzled renaissance architecture and fashion all over the game, but had to tone it down at one point as all the puffy clothing were starting to look more ridiculous than cool.

Read on for trailer and opinions.
Ian's avatar Ian
At least it looks leagues better than Deus Ex: Invisible War
Alright, Who Ordered The Rock Band 3? ... Nobody? Ian's avatar
So Harmonix announced Rock Band 3 last week, to be released Holiday 2010. No real details were given, but the entry on the Rock Band Facebook page promises that "[Rock Band 3] will revolutionize the music genre once again, just as Harmonix did with the original Rock Band, Rock Band 2 and The Beatles: Rock Band."

With no extra information apart from the instruction to stay tuned, let's switch over to opinion here for a bit.

Click more for opinions, possibly controversial ones.
Ian's avatar Ian
If Rock Band 3 is just 80 more songs most of which they don't like, why would anyone ever buy it?
F1 2010: On Track For Multi-Platform Pole Position? Sam's avatar
Time for the safety car?
After a pit stop with the Nintendo Wii and PSP in 2009 and a eight year long absence from non-Sony platforms due to licensing squabbles, Codemasters yesterday announced that the F1 franchise is finally being brought to high definition consoles. Available on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC this September, F1 2010 has been officially endorsed by the FIA, so players can expect to encounter the full cacophony of drivers, teams and tracks from the impending season.

As with Bodycount, an upcoming first-person shooter announced earlier this week, Codemasters have stated that F1 2010 will make use of a modified version of the EGO engine to give vehicles unique aerodynamics and handling for seasoned players and a highly advanced damage model for those new to the franchise. Additional features include a fully dynamic weather system and Grand Prix, Championship, Time Trial and Career game modes.

Is F1 2010 destined for pole position or by opting for a September release are Codemasters imposing a drive-through penalty on themselves?

To find out more about F1 2010, hit Read On!
Sam's avatar Sam
The timing is perfect for a new Formula 1 game, sadly it isn't out until September.
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