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After almost getting to Level 10, I feel like I need to do a bit of an update on this as I feel I may have been a bit hasty with some of the aspects of my initial post. But hey, that's why it's called initial impression. The first hour or so with a game is very important. Since the death of user manuals in-game training is pretty much the only way to learn the game, and sometimes it's done very poorly. Not saying that's what happened here, but I know Sam has experienced this recent while having some trouble working out what the hell Star Trek Online is going on about.

I've been playing around with the various modes of which Turf War is my current favourite for being pretty much just like Domination is in MW2. To me, how much I enjoy multiplayer modes is all about how they motivate everyone to move about the map. In less directed modes like team deathmatch, people usually hide in their favourite stupid spot behind the weird geometry where the clipping doesn't work quite right and makes them really difficult to hit. Directed game modes like domination motivate people to move about more, and you can use the knowledge of where people might be trying to get to in order to get the drop on them.

Awesome: Pistols Kill

I think my early impressions of the pistol were a bit off. Once I unlocked and tried to complete the trial that involved getting headshots with it, I realised that it's actually pretty deadly if used properly. It's also got the longest effective range of any of the pre-level 10 weapons.

Boresome: Shotguns Don't?

In trying to get all 'kill 30 enemies with each gun' type trials done, and the shotgun is currently the weapon I feel is weakest of the bunch. I've been trying to use it in combination with the Aero Dash plasmid that I feel could be effectively used to get up on someone, but whatever they are carrying will probably be more effective than your shotgun. I am willing to admit that I was wrong about the pistol, so there is a chance I might be wrong about this, but we'll see.

Awesome: Achievement Design

Ever since I got a meagre 10 achievement points from playing through the entirety of Perfect Dark Zero's single player have I bared a grudge against multiplayer achievements. They are normally things that would take hundreds of hours of playing, like the "Expert Kill Award. Achieved 1000 Kills with a Sniper Rifle over all multiplayer games played." in Perfect Dark Zero. No-one is playing that game anyway, so it's also impossible even if you are committed. Some of the achievements in Bioshock 2 can be gotten from a just a few rounds such as play every map, win one map, become a big daddy. Some take some amount of skill such as taking down a big daddy and rescuing a little sister, but are ultimately pretty easy. The hardest ones are for attaining levels 10, 20, 30 and 40, and these might one day become impossible.

Boresome: Where is everybody?

Sadly it doesn't seem like too many people are playing this, I literally couldn't get into a game at 00:30 last night. I was sitting in the game queue, and two or three people would join sit around and eventually leave when it became clear nothing was happening, so there werew ever enough to get a game going. If you have any desire to experience the multiplayer or get the multiplayer achievements in this game, you'd better hurry and get on with it soon.

Awesome: Pistols Kill - Achievement Design

Boresome: Shotguns Don't? - Where is everybody?

If there continue to be people to play this, I will occasionally fire it up for a while. I definitely want to get to Level 10, and I am interested to see how more steep the levelling curve goes after that. Tags: