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Mass Effect 2 - Middlish hours Ian's avatar
Spoiler Warning: the true identity of a character. post inital recruitment info
Just a quick update this time. A depressingly large amount of my time yesterday was spent in the persuit of Platinum. I did finally recruit all of the first set of crew members and progress to the next bit of story, and I think I should hit the second disc next time I play. I installed both discs, but I understand I will still have to swap the disc in the drive when it asks me to. Oh digital future, I await you with open arms!


Post Initial Recruitment Plot - I'm glad they are finally setting up the main enemy properly as I don't feel they did a particularly good job of getting across the urgency or magnitude of the threat at the beginning of the game. Shepard just sort of wakes up, believes everything she's told, and signs on with Cerberus without even trying to talk to the Alliance.

Archangel - Very happy to see Garrus again, even though I never really used him in the first game. I like how the first thing they did was give him a big disfiguring scar. Join the club, mate.

Scars - So my characters eyes just started glowing red earlier. With the scars spreading over her face, she's beginning to like like a Terminator or something. There have been some cutscene moments where the lighting has made her look pretty darn scary. It's awesome.


The Mining - At one point yesterday I needed 80000 platinum to complete the research currently available, and I had no platinum at all. All that stands between you and 80000 platinum is raw time investment, at no point is it hard, it's just boring and kinda fiddly. You have to keep going back for probes and fuel which just makes the process even slower.

Party keep dying - Maybe I should be micro-managing these guys more than I am, but they keep running into the paths of rocket barrages. The game gives you more Medi-gel than you really need so it's not a problem yet, but still. This ain’t dragon age dagnammit, I just want to shoot dudes.

Party disobey me! - When I use the handy shortcuts for power usage and tell them to send a shockwave over thataway, sometimes it happens instantly, sometimes nothing. Yes, I know about cooldowns, they aren't on cooldown. They just say "Yessir!" and do nothing, the treacherous dogs.

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