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Random Thoughts: White Knight Chronicles Ian's avatar
So bland
I can see how its tempting to stretch a game out a bit too much to try and get your "30 hours of gameplay!" bullet point up a bit. Of course you wouldn't do this at the beginning of a game as that has to be good enough to get people in. No, of course you'd do it right at the end when everyone is already committed to it. White Knight Chronicles is perhaps the worst offender of this I've found in a long time.

The game is sort of unremarkable as a whole. The story is plain, the characters are plain, the combat system is unchallenging and slow. It has this all encompassing aura of blandness that never borders on badness. That said it all sort of goes down pretty easy and I understand it to be very short for a JRPG. I've been leaving it running while I've been in for the last couple of weeks and just sort of playing 15 minutes here and there. It has become increasingly a chore as it's progressed and last few hours have been quite maddening.

The area called the Van Haven Waste is a three hour slog through the worst looking area in the game alternating between identical underground caves and overground wastelands about 15 times. You fight the same four monsters, and see the same caves for the duration. There is no story, and exploring the side tunnels only ever rewards you with loot that was available to buy from the store in the previous town. Seriously, 15 minutes of detour for a thing that I didn't want to buy 2 hours ago? Eff you, game.

Oh well, I'm almost through it now just in time for the sequel! I understand they've sped up the combat for that, thank christ. Tags: jrpgs, white-knight-chronicles