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Modern Warfare 2 Map Attack - Scrapyard Ian's avatar
scrapyard picture No matter how hungry I am, how late it is, or how low my blood sugar is, if Scrapyard comes up as the next map I will postpone food, sleep or insulin to play this damn map. If there were Scrapyard only playlists, then I would not be here writing this, I would be playing Scrapyard somewhere surrounded by bags of trash and unopened bills.

"Why!!!!!!!!!?" I barely hear you ask over the sound of constant gunfire and cursing. It's probably the map that least encourages either extended camping or irritating sniping, my pet peeves. There are like 2 plausible sniping positions, in upper windows of the buildings at each end of the map, and really you aren't going to last there doing that for more than about 20 seconds. The rest of the time you should either be running around like a madman, or in Domination, fighting endlessly over point B. That's the right way to play this map.

Really, scrapyard is a map that's slightly too small. Most maps end up with people getting the same rough kill count 10-20. Some like Derail are more like 5-10 because no-one can find anyone to shoot. A good game of Scrapyard can see you getting a good 30-40 kills! It's ridiculous, and ridiculous fun. In a way it's only because the other maps aren't this small and focussed that makes this one stand out.

Unfortunately if you are into maximizing your kill:death ratio, you'd probably best served avoiding this map. Even the most careful player will run into the entire enemy team barrelling in on them more often than on most maps. You'd be best served forgetting about it for a while, switching to akimbo P90s and just rolling with it.

picture of fire

If I'm feeling ballsy, I take to the tunnel things through the middle of the map. This often leads to a swift death from behind, but you can get a lot of kills out of the windows that run up and down them. A safer approach would be to hang out in one of a few good spots near high traffic areas, such as a corner in the large warehouse, in the corners near the office building end of the map which offer some good cover from the general melee, or in that fire particle effect near C that doesn't damage you even though it really looks like it should

Or you could just rush B endlessly of course. I'm not stopping you. Please go ahead, I'll be over there.