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Mass Effect 2: Cerberus Network - Suit Yourself Sam's avatar
Does my bum look big in this?
The shocking regularity of the Bioware production line will continue tomorrow with the 'Alternative Appearance Pack' hitting the virtual shelves, much to the delight of Mass Effect 2 enthusiasts. Featuring a heavy metal Geordi laForge look for Jack, a Matrix makeover for Thane and a good wash behind the ears for Garrus, the costumes will surprisingly not fall under the umbrella of the Cerberus Network. This means that those with their hearts set on a new set of glad rags will have to fork out 160 Microsoft Points for the Xbox 360 or 160 Bioware Points for the PC, translating to approximately £1.36 ~ $2.00.

Editor Opinions
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I have to say, I'm disappointed with both Bioware and Electronic Arts going back on their intentions for the Cerberus Network and charging a standalone fee for these new outfits. I'm fully aware that charging for costume changes is in line with just about every other game out there that offers similar downloadable content, but part of me hoped that they would rise above it and continue their righteous march against the pre-owned games trade.

I could understand if it was a large chunk of content like Firewalker is going to be, but outfit changes for a small proportion of the crew seems just the thing that the Cerberus Network was put in place for. I doubt that very many people at all will spend their hard earned cash on the update, especially as the majority of players will now have finished the game, leaving me to wonder whether Bioware and EA have shot themselves in the foot by increasing the number of disgruntled gamers for very little monetary gain.

Because I love Mass Effect 2 and the universe the story takes place in so much, I'm having a real internal struggle whether to shell out the cash for this minor update. On one hand, my inner pack rat wants to own everything I possibly can, I already have the accompanying books in my possession, but on the other, my rational brain functions tell me that this is a complete waste of money, especially considering I only ever use Garrus out of the crew members sporting a new change of clothes.

I'll probably let the two fight it out and make a decision when I come to buy Firewalker.

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