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Ian Plays Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Ian's avatar
Picture of Vegas 2 Title In an attempt to return a loaned game sometime this century, I am spending some time getting through Ubisoft’s 2008 “Smash-Hit” Rainbow Six Vegas 2, a game that went practically un-noticed by me and pretty much everyone else at the time. I played the original Vegas in mid 2009 and thought it was awesome for a pre-Cod 4 shooter if a bit clunky. I remember at the time this sequel was decreed by internet jokesters to be more of a Vegas 1.5 than a true sequel. Playing it now, I can definitely see why one might want to do that if one were of such a persuasion. The gameplay is identical, the graphics look worse somehow, but it grabbed a whole bunch of delicious Call of Duty 4 fruit as it flew past in the form of lots of character levelling and experience coming out of everyone as you kill them.

The weirdest thing to me so far is that for a game set in Vegas with Vegas in the title, the setting really isn’t coming across. The first Act was set in an mountain observatory all up in the Pyrenees, which is about as un-Vegas as you can get. The second act which I just played through was in the famous Las Vegas Warehouse District... Viva! I’ve spent about 10 minutes of the 3 hours so far in some sort of casino looking place, and you quickly exit back into industrial estate land. The Vegasness was one of my favourite things about the first game, so it’s quite disappointing to see that the next two acts are set in a Rec Centre, then a Conference Centre. I get the feeling that the developers have had some real boring business trips to Vegas, and wanted to expose the world at large to this non-traditional seedy Vegas underbelly, conference centres.

Picture of Vegas 2 Warehouse District The levelling stuff is weird as the game now provides incentive for you to do everything yourself in the form of bonus experience for headshots, long range shots, short range shots, etc. In fact the worst possible distance to shoot someone is at medium distance, there ain’t nothing special about shooting someone down a hall, you gotta get close! Or further away! In the first game, you would often use your two doofus squadies to solve most situations as they are hardier than you are, and the checkpoint was like 6 rooms ago I ain’t dying now! But now you’ll want to do it all yourself and make the squadies go stand in a skip or something, the kill stealing bastards. This obviously has lead me to getting in a bit over my head at times, still at least I persevered levelling up and unlocked new garisher camo.

It’s definitely still worth playing if you find you bought it back in 08 and never quite booted it up. The controls are probably the biggest sticking point with it, because it just doesn’t feel like a modern game. I hope you like clicking sticks for iron sights, and every button doing multiple things depending on how long you hold it! With Mass Effect 2 coming in the next couple of days, I’ll probably shelf this game again till that’s over and done with, at which point Bioshock 2 and Dante’s Inferno will be out! My friend ain’t ever getting this game back at this rate. Tags: