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Holy February! Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Star Trek Online Ian's avatar
So it's still February, and it's still friggin crazy. I need to talk about two more games that are coming out here THIS FRIDAY. My Dante's Inferno pre-order is in the queue, and I'm feeling pretty happy about it. Still okay with not getting Endless Ocean 2 right now as well. With the first endless ocean I waited slightly too long to try and get a copy, and it was completely sold out everywhere so I freaked out and bought it off one of those dodgy Amazon Marketplace suppliers with a name like "Dark Basement Games" or something oddly unappealing like that. Shortly after that the publishers got another run onto the shelves and there were copies everywhere, with this knowledge I'm going to just go ahead and assume when I need it, it will be there.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

I guess I'd have to call myself a Final Fantasy fan, having beaten 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, 12 (no I'm not using roman numerals. It looks silly). I wouldn't however call my self a Crystal Chronicles fan. I never played the original, and whenever I talk to anyone about it they just start rambling on about bucket carrying, and GBA link cables. Though thinking about it, I did play My Life as a King on WiiWare which I think had Crystal Chronicles in the title. There was also a DS game and a different less good looking Wii game that I don't think anyone played. So as far as I can tell "Crystal Chronicles" just means "other stuff".

Anyway, my interest was initially piqued about this game by a totally bananas looking trailer, and more recently Giant Bomb's Quick Look of it. As opposed to all the sort of dry looking dungeon crawling of the past games, this seems more similar to a series of crazy cutscenes interspersed with minigames and running around messing with people with a anti-gravity crystal. I think the sentence I just wrote describes a game about as far away from what I would traditionally want out of my final fantasy, but ignoring that I could totally go for 10 hours of Japanese style enthusiastic oddness and characters scratching the backs of their heads.

Look just watch that trailer and tell me it doesn't look somewhat interesting.

Liklihood of buying: Wait for Price drop

Star Trek Online

I astonished that anyone actually managed to make this game and actually get it released. Much like that Stargate MMO I feel like I've been hearing about the possibility of a Star Trek MMO forever. Nothing about the Star Trek universe seems to be particularly conducive to traditional MMO gameplay. When you get down to it, most of Star Trek is about attending staff meetings not wandering around a landscape killing villages of Betazoids and swamps full of Borg. Best way to get to Level 60 in Star Trek Online? There's a frozen lake of ghosts Vulcans that respawn real fast and drop hyposprays. So, there's a chance that I've played too much WoW to be able to conceive what an MMO would have to be like to deserve the Star Trek title.

From the coverage of this game I have seen, they've certainly done what they need to do to get me interested and almost believing that it could work. You seem to control of a dude as well as a ship along a crew to customise. Early things I read about this game seemed to focus on only one of those parts, like you are just the ship, or just a random crewman whose job it is to crawl through jeffries tubes replacing Gel packs whenever they get infected with Neelix's cheese mould, while other players remodulate the shield phase, rearrange isolenear chips, or eject the warp core whenever necessary. A mixture of the various aspects of star trek is definitely the ideal I would have suggested had anyone asked me.

The game seems to be quite instanced, not as much as Guild Wars but definitely not the 'There are 150 people all dancing on the Orgrimmar Bank, and my frame rate is not happy about this' sort of situation. I wonder where people would take up dancing/idling on the Enterprise-D, my guess would be in the ready room. Anyway, you don't pick a server, but can switch at will between different instances of the same location to meet up with friends, or find one where Gowron is alive and not being killed by another party. To some extend my attraction to this game comes down to wanting some good old fashioned Star Trek of TNG flavour, because the people who make Star Trek have been completely unable to produce anything good for a goddamn decade. I thought the recent film was actually pretty good, but that's not really Star Trek. That movie game of that would probably make a great cover-based third person shooter or something.

Likelihood of buying: Wait till the fix all the early problems, MMO style. So like a couple of months? Tags: