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February! Bioshock 2 & Ace Attorney Investiagtions Ian's avatar
Continuing my week long coverage of a month, I've finally broken through the torrent of games coming out this Friday to the rest of the month. Next I'll do a month long series of articles about all the games coming out this year, or I would if there were any dates past Lost Planet 2 coming out in late May (18th US, 21st EU). There must be so many games that we don't even know about planned for this Q4. A couple off the top of my head, a new Call of Duty game developed by Treyarch, and Gears of War 3. This Treyarch Call of Duty game will be the first started after Call of Duty 4 was a hit, so I except it probably won't be set in World War 2. I say Gears 3 because it fits with how the development cycle of Gears 2 went, it was first hinted at with the Meat Cube demo at GDC in February 08, the announced and eventually released in Q4 at E3 08. I'll probably do a bigger article about releases for later this year at some point, but for now I'll focus on the now: Bioshock 2 and Ace Attorney Investigations.

Bioshock 2 - 9th Feb

You've got a lot to prove, Bioshock 2. Of the people I've had conversations with about Bioshock, they seem to pretty evenly either love it or hate it to the point where they refuse to play it, but regardless of which side of that they fall they do have something in common, neither want a sequel. Now that I come to write this, it occurs to me that whining about the existence of Bioshock 2 is a topic that has been covered extensively by other more qualified naysayers but eh, who cares. Bioshock was one of the most original and creative games from an aesthetic and story standpoint to come out in a long while. The sequel which is basically more of the same thing is sort of by definition the least original and creative thing they could put out. Hey, remember Big Daddies? You are one. Hey remember Little Sisters, well there's a big one. Remember Andrew Ryan, well here's something else he did. From top to bottom it’s just those same concepts with the most obvious twist you can think of. I hear in Bioshock 3, you are the Andrew Ryan! Would you kindly be Andrew Ryan!

All that said, I have already pre-ordered this game, so why!? Well for me it's somewhere between morbid curiosity, and a genuine desire to experience some more Bioshock that I feel betrays everything I just wrote. I also really want to know what the people who worked on this game made when tasked with making a sequel to Bioshock. I have no idea what I would do. With stuff like the Matrix sequels I have super pretty specific ideas about how that series should of gone, but with this? Nothing. I felt it stood alone and just didn’t warrant milking in the traditional video game series fashion. Something worth noting is that this is made by a different team (well 5 different teams) and therefore this isn't being overseen by Ken Levine which would be a criminal squandering of creativity. His team are off working on something secret and hopefully soon to be announced, the rumours were that it was going to be an XCOM reboot.

On aspect that I certainly not interested in is the multiplayer. I am not the greatest fan of any competitive multiplayer games, doubly so when stuck onto a game that I think didn't need them. I also didn't care about Uncharted 2's multiplayer even though I understand it's excellent. Don't care. I have been watching with slight amusement as more and more studios get attached to finish the game off, Wikipedia lists 2K Marin, 2K Australia, Digital Extremes, 2K China and Arkane Studios all working on it. I hope they aren't all working on the multiplayer if this trailer is the best they can do. I guess I will just never select Multiplayer, problem solved.

Bioshock 2, would you kindly not suck.

Likelihood of buying: Already pre-ordered

Ace Attorney Investigations - 19th Feb

Miles Edgeworth is the only man capable of looking badass in a purple suit and cravat. I loved Phoenix Wright 1-3 and liked Apollo Justice, infect I liked Phoenix Wright so much I imported the japanese versions when such things were still possible. For some reason they were released with a perfectly decent English language option, and you got to hit the button to switch between English and Japanese on the main menu and hear Phoenix shout 'Objection' in English and Japanese alternately.

Describing these games to someone is such a hard sell. Lawyering game sounds marginally more exciting that Forklift Truck Simulator (unfortunately this does exist). It helps to mention how crazy and Japanese it is, and how it has weird supernatural elements like murderous ghosts. Then they play it and are like “So I’m just sort of clicking through text for 99% of the time?”. The way I’ve ended up justifying my love of these games is that I don’t treat them like games and play them during gaming time. I play them on trains, and before I go to sleep, because it’s far more like a book than a game. Take that time you may currently spend reading and play some cases. You can save at literally any point, so I sometimes only get through about 2 lines of dialogue before realising it isn’t working, and go save and quit.

An Edgeworth game is such a great idea as a new twist for the series. Apollo Justice tried to be a big reboot, but it just ended up seeming like the same exact game but with worse characters. This is clearly a different game being on the side of prosecution as you are, and they seem to have made it look like an adventure game as well. Gumshoe is another awesome character so I can’t wait to watch him scratch the back of his head and look alternately forlorn and enthusiastic for about 25 hours of bleary before bed gaming.

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