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Features Thankless Podcast 04 - Ian's avatar
Josh, Sam and I discuss having things to say about videogames, for a change. Dead Space 3, Little Inferno, Path of Exile, Ragnar Tørnquist, Proteus and even the almost universally praised Puzzle Craft get a mention despite my best efforts.

Thankless Podcast 04 - A New Horizon - Download
Thankless Podcast 03 - A New Horizon Ian's avatar
Josh, Sam and I discuss such trivialities as a new Playstation, Forza Horizon (timely!), non-euchlidian geometroy and Puzzle Craft!

Thankless Podcast 03 - A New Horizon - Download
Thankless Podcast 02 - Unconscious Canines & Warring Guilds Ian's avatar
Josh, Sam and I have been playing games, and once again feel the need to talk about them into a microphone. From my vague recollection, we talk about Sleeping Dogs, Guild Wars 2, and MMOs in a a general sense. Special Guest: WoW Widow

Thankless Podcast 02 - Unconscious Canines and MMOs - Download
Thankless Podcast 01 - Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Ian's avatar
Sam and I played through the Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut, and have opinions about it. Then we talk about it into my ipad for 30 minutes. If that sounds appealing, then you should probably download or click play below or something.

Thankless Podcast 01 - Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut - Download
Upcoming Games Ian's avatar



03 - Final Fantasy XIII-2

03 - Neverdead

03 - Soul Calibur V

07 - Shank 2 (XBLA)

10 - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

10 - The Darkness 2

17 - Twisted Metal

22 - Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

22 - Playstation Vita

22 - Uncharted: Golden Abyss (Vita)

22 - Touch my Katamari (Vita)

24 - Asura’s Wrath

24 - Binary Domain

24 - The Last Story

24 - Syndicate


02 - SSX

07 - I Am Alive (XBLA, PSN)

09 - Mass Effect 3

09 - Street Fighter X Tekken

14 - Journey

16 - Yakuza: Dead Souls

23 - Ninja Gaiden 3



13 - Fez (XBLA)

18 - Trials Evolution (XBLA)

25 - Bloodforge (XBLA)

24 - The Walking Dead

27 - Prototype 2



02 - Fable Heroes (XBLA)

09 - Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition (XBLA)

15 - Diablo III

18 - Max Payne 3

25 - Dragon's Dogma

25 - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

?? - Dirt Showdown


19 - The Secret World


?? - Darksiders 2 


07 - Far Cry 3

21 - Borderlands 2


12 - Dishonoured

26 - Medal of Honor: Warfighter


02 - Assassins Creed 3

06 - Halo 4

13 - Call of Duty Black Ops II

23 - Resident Evil 6



26 - Bioshock Infinite


Aliens: Colonial Marines

Beyond Good & Evil 2 (Never)

Blacklight: Retribution

Black Mesa (Mod) (Haha)

Brothers in Arms: Furious 4

Bully 2

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Diablo 3

Doom 4

Dragon's Dogma

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

Gladiator A.D.

Grand Theft Auto V

Halo 4

Hitman: Absolution



Just Cause 3



Ninja Gaiden 3



Prey 2

Sleeping Dogs

Spec Ops: The Line

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2

Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

The Last Guardian

The Last of Us

Thief 4

Tomb Raider

Torchlight 2

World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria

Random Thoughts: Fable 3 Isn't Very Good Ian's avatar
Spoiler Warning: Heavy Spoilers for Fable 3
kinda crap
I finished Fable 3 over the weekend and I sorta never want to play it ever again. Why? Read on!
Random Thoughts: White Knight Chronicles Ian's avatar
So bland
I can see how its tempting to stretch a game out a bit too much to try and get your "30 hours of gameplay!" bullet point up a bit. Of course you wouldn't do this at the beginning of a game as that has to be good enough to get people in. No, of course you'd do it right at the end when everyone is already committed to it. White Knight Chronicles is perhaps the worst offender of this I've found in a long time.

The game is sort of unremarkable as a whole. The story is plain, the characters are plain, the combat system is unchallenging and slow. It has this all encompassing aura of blandness that never borders on badness. That said it all sort of goes down pretty easy and I understand it to be very short for a JRPG. I've been leaving it running while I've been in for the last couple of weeks and just sort of playing 15 minutes here and there. It has become increasingly a chore as it's progressed and last few hours have been quite maddening.

The area called the Van Haven Waste is a three hour slog through the worst looking area in the game alternating between identical underground caves and overground wastelands about 15 times. You fight the same four monsters, and see the same caves for the duration. There is no story, and exploring the side tunnels only ever rewards you with loot that was available to buy from the store in the previous town. Seriously, 15 minutes of detour for a thing that I didn't want to buy 2 hours ago? Eff you, game.

Oh well, I'm almost through it now just in time for the sequel! I understand they've sped up the combat for that, thank christ.
Pokemon Black and White - Change, I Chose You Ian's avatar
pokemon black and white
Mere minutes after Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver are released the Pokemon people are itching to announce their new game. Remakes? Whatever! Here's the goddamn fifth generation already!

Read on for a round-up of Pokemon Black and White info, and me and James rambling on about super effectivity.
Ian's avatar Ian
Yes, it's super effective. I get it. Thanks. No need to keep telling me.
James's avatar James
If anything, this is TOO different!
Bought The Farm: Episode 1 Josh's avatar
Down On The Farm
I recently read that over 1% of the world’s population play FarmVille. That’s kind of insane when you think about it. World Of Warcraft is often hailed as the most significant and successful video game of all time, but Blizzard’s 10 million or so subscribers pale in comparison to Zynga’s 82 million, paying or not. There’s no accounting for taste of course; a lot of stupid people have done a lot of stupid things in the history of the human race.

You might be detecting a derisive tone. Like many core gamers, I’m guilty of the assumption that all casual browser games are the gaming equivalent of fast food, nutritionless lunch hour snacks that fulfill a base desire to click buttons and make things happen. Whilst there’s a feeling that these brainless timesinks sap valuable hours away from playing ‘real’ games, the greater fear is discovering that we might actually like them and join the undiscerning masses.

To see why Josh has decided to embrace his inner agriculturalist, Read on!
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