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Thankless Answers - 27th Feb 2010 Ian's avatar
It’s been quite gaming around here recently. Josh finished Uncharted 2, Sam has almost got through Mass Effect 2, and I’m almost at the very bottom circle hell in Dante’s Inferno. Heavy Rain and White Knight Chronicles are sitting around here somewhere waiting their turn. I have played enough White Knight to work out it’s several leagues better than Infinite Undiscovery was, but I can see the Final Fantasy XII influences all over it. Give me a straight up Active Time Battle or even turn-based battle system in a JRPG any day, thanks.

Coming next week is Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which we’ll probably all end up with a copy of. I never played the first one, but I got quite into Battlefield 1943 a few months ago. Hmm, maybe I should buy the first one off the Games Marketplace... no...No! Too many games! I’m not sure what to devote my time to after Dante’s. I might try and rip through Dark Void real quick, as is only possible with shooters. Josh finally got round to playing Modern Warfare 2’s single player today, and I think he got through a third of it in a couple of hours.

Anyway, time for today’s poorly phrased fresh from the backend question!

Question: yakuza 3 demo karaoke where

Answer: It’s on Senryo Ave. in the bottom right corner of the map.

Oddly enough, my experience locating karaoke joints in Tokyo using confusing maps isn’t solely limited to the Yakuza 3 demo. They don’t call me Mr Big Echo for nothing, or at all if I’m being honest. Here's a close up of where it is on the map.

It's no big echo

Here’s what the outside of the it looks like, you might keep running past it accidentally. The game doesn’t do a particularly good job of telling you which buildings are enterable.

It’s no big echo
I'm really glad people seem to be latching on to Yakuza 3 somewhat. I'm a long time fan of the series, so was really happy when Sega announced they were bringing it to the US, and even happier when they realised they should probably put it out in Europe too. Sega do seem to be doing everything in their power to make it fail though, mostly by releasing it on the same day as Final Fantasy 13 in the US. Real good job with that guys. It's like they are deliberately setting up a 'Oh well Yakuza 3 sold like twelve copies' situation for not bringing over Yakuza 4.

Oh yeah, I've got a bonus hint for the combat system. You should probably be holding R1 and pressing X a lot. This does the 'Sway' evade move that the enemies constantly do, and if done correctly will make you shift round directly behind an enemy so he won't block you. If you play through the full game, it'll actually have a tutorial for the combat system unlike the demo which just sort of throws you in the deep end, and the deep end is full of angry Japanese gangsters.

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