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Thankless Answers - 24th Feb 2010 Sam's avatar
From the articles I have written so far, it should be abundantly clear that I deem people who play snipers to be an inferior form of life to every other species on the planet. However, just as the biosphere needs bacterial sludge at the bottom of the food chain, mindless campers are a necessary evil for improving my kill-death ratio. With this in mind, today's Thankless Answer is written not only for would-be snipers, but also for everyone who wants to know where the scumbags have been hiding.

Question: [In MW2, where are the] Scrapyard Sniper Positions?

Answer: Not where you would expect them to be.

First things first, Scrapyard is by no means a sniper friendly map. Its compact size and lack of large open areas ensure that there is constant traffic throughout and makes it night impossible to lead shots on your target.

Scrapyard Points Of Interest
On first examination, the only viable sniping spots appear to be on the first floor of the Office Building to the north and the Southern Warehouse. Sadly, at least for snipers, these two locations are also the first places everyone else visits for a cheap kill. Both buildings are easily flanked and snipers can easily be spotted from the rest of the map while attempting to line up a shot, leaving them open for a cheeky grenade through the window from any number of angles.

From my own experiences with sniping on Scrapyard and from the times I've run across people making the map work with a camping mindset, success seems to come from hiding in full view. Sporting an ACOG scope, a must for smaller maps, you can rack up some pretty impressive kill-death ratios by lingering around the Truck, Boulder or Barrels and peering down the length of the map. Those looking for extra credit for sheer audaciousness will also be interested in the vantage you can get by hopping onto the roof of the Van. Just don't expect to be left alone after L33tKiller1985 watches the kill-cam and directs his nerdrage on fulfilling a personal vendetta against you and everything you stand for.

As with all styles of play in Modern Warfare 2, the trick is finding a handful of spots you feel comfortable in and moving between them after every couple of kills, minimising predictability and reducing payback deaths. Just remember that by doing so, you put yourself firmly in the sights of everyone who shares my loathing of camping.

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