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I am pleased to announce the long awaited return of our Thankless Answers feature! It's happening right here, the text you are reading is it happening! We thought it best to lay out a bit more structure to this section, so here’s what we came up with.
  • We will do five answers a week, one on each week day.
  • You can now submit your own dumb questions to be answered via electronic mail.
  • We will try and cycle the answers between the editors.

This leaves one natural question that while hasn’t shown up via email or in any search term that I can psychically predict you are about to ask.

Question: What is the email address I can send my questions to?

Answer: It’s of course!

The decision to start up an email address was mostly due to not a huge number of the search terms we were getting were phrased as questions. This is probably because most of you know that there is absolutely no reason to ever type a question into Google, and just type a bunch of words related to what you want to know. We also got a bunch that we couldn't answer like "in alien vs predator video game how do you bust pipes". As I haven't played it yet I have absolutely no idea, maybe one day I will be able to answer it though. My common sense guess would probably be either "Use a melee attack" or "You can't, they aren't destructible parts of the environment".

Send in whatever questions you want, preferably related to video game. We will do a mix of search term related questions, and email questions as we start getting submissions. So get asking! No need to thank us either.

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