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Thankless Answers - 2nd March 2010 Ian's avatar
Just for full disclosure, I did end up buying Battlefield: Bad Company through Games on Demand. Took friggin forever to download, I had to leave my 360 on overnight getting it. As someone who has had two 360s red ring, I am always bit nervous about leaving them turned on for extended periods of time. But then, I know people who use them as media centres and have running for hours every day. I've never heard of a 360 red-ringing while doing non-game stuff, not sure if that means they run cooler than while playing games but I guess there is probably no real rhyme or reason to when they die. My first 360 was taken out by the original Assassin’s Creed, and my second was taken out by Eternal Sonata, embarrassingly.

I have absolutely no qualms about leaving any of my other consoles on forever. I’ve left my PS2 on for days while playing games without adequate save features. I’ve always expected Microsoft to eventually release a slim Xbox that’s had a real proper test cycle, as I feel like public perception is probably quite negative towards the current model. The image of a red ringed xbox is almost iconic of this generation. I would of thought the release of Natal would be a perfect time for a redesign, but it’s seeming less and less likely. There would probably be rumours and factory photographs leaking out of places by now, so unless they’ve managed to attain a level of secrecy that only Apple can maintain I’ll probably be disappointed come E3.

What’s not disappointing though is today’s question. Unless by some outside chance you don’t actually care about Borderlands DLC, of course.

Question: general knoxx too hard

Answer: Yes. But only on playthrough 2.

I probably didn’t give General Knoxx a particularly fair shake by only playing it on playthrough 1, as the internet seems to be full of people having a seriously hard to with the early enemies starting on playthrough 2 at level 50. I hear tell of shock troopers being able to take down your entire shield in one shot. Unfortunately it would of taken far too long to level up to 50 to experience this myself, so alas I will not get to suffer through this. Poor me. I understand that grinding enemies like you are playing and RPG might work, but this pack starts with lots of on-road combat which is probably real brutal. We’ve had lots of search terms related to the drones that attack you as you drive around, lets just say that on playthrough 1, they die in one hit.

Handling the difficulty of this expansion, not really having any idea what gear or level a player might be when going in must have been quite tricky. Some sort of scaling system might be helpful, but I’ve always managed to run afoul of those in the past. Specifically while playing Oblivion and Fallout 3, I found myself having to tweak the difficulty down more and more as the game went on, just so I didn’t have to use all my healing items just to kill one Mudcrab or Mister Gutsy. Enemy scaling also leaves you without any real feeling of progression because at best everything takes exactly the same amount of time to kill as it always has, no matter how many times of level up. At some point in an RPG it’s always fun just to go back and utterly trounce some enemies that gave you problems to start with.

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