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Thankless Answers - 3rd March 2010 Ian's avatar
Haven't had a lot of time for articles recently, I've spent all of my available time working on the back end. Hopefully you might of noticed that the front page loads a bunch quicker. I realised I was calling lots of stuff from the database and then throwing it away, which I'm told isn’t the way you should do things. I also split these answers out into their own section just because they were clogging up Features which was meant for other stuff. I'll throw up an email address for questions you want to ask directly at some point soon.

We have a whole host of features waiting to be developed, user logins and profiles being the most obvious one. Once that’s done I can clean up the comments system and tie them together. After that comes all the fun stuff, and you the user can embark on your thankless grind along with the rest of us.

Anyway, I think I’ve got enough time to delve into the search terms and find something dumb.

Question: I don’t like street fighter 4

Answer: Uh huh...

I’m not really sure what sort of thing you were looking for with this search, sir. Were you looking for like-minded people to validate your dislike of 2009's foremost fighting game? It’s hard to imagine why you would not like Street Fighter 4 and not just admit you really don’t like all fighting games. As someone who is not big into them, I think SF4 probably looks like the best. I know a lot of people went crazy for BlazBlue over in the US, but that game just sort of looks like an incomprehensible fighting game parody to me. Even the name 'BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger' is hilarious. What does it mean! It’s not out over here yet though so I don’t really have any sort of educated opinion. I’m covertly trying to convince Josh to get a copy so I can make sure. We’ll see how that goes. March 19th over here in the UK is when that’s out. ( it blazblue calamity trigger...what does that even mean...)

So yeah, not liking Street Fighter 4 is a weird one. I set that game to two modes easier than easy when I played through it, and Seth was pretty rough even then. It’s Zangief’s stupid command throw thing, I don’t understand how it’s fun or balanced. Oh well, it’s not as bad as those Dead or Alive 3 and Dead or Alive 4 bosses Omega and Alpha. In the fight against Omega they it wasn’t even side on, you were sort of fighting up into the screen, and there was bad motion blur on everything. I have no idea what they were thinking.

Must be hard making an end boss in a fighting game, especially as most of them are Japanese arcade games. You really don’t want anyone to beat them without feeding in a whole heap of quarters or perhaps yens. I can see what leads to them just ending up being ridiculously cheap, or doing something crazy with the camera. At some point you are bound to make a giant screen filling robot with a million HP which you have to fight with while looking at through a kaleidoscope effect. Whatever, every boss should just be M Bison again. He was fine right?

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