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Thankless Answers - 28th Feb 2010 Sam's avatar
Despite its name, I've always assumed that the events of Modern Warfare 2 took place in the near future, primarily because when you see and hear about what the military have been up to in Afghanistan, the equipment looks similar to that you would see down the local paintball range. I don't really see how a few terrorists hiding in caves could stand a chance if AC-130s were bombarding the ground while tanks that can shoot rockets and missiles out of the sky rolled in.

However, perhaps the most awesome piece of technology you get your hands on in the game is the Predator Missile. There is something almost holy about being able to rain death onto your enemies with such precision at just a moments notice and therefore it seems rather implausible that such a device would exist while victory against terrorists in the Middle East remains so elusive. So, with global peace in mind, today's Thankless Answer arrives.

Question: Do the Predator Missiles from MW2 really exist?

Answer: Yes they do and have done since 2001.

Scarily, such technology has been in use by the United States Air Force for nearly a decade now. It also turns out that Predator is actually the name of the unmanned aerial vehicle rather than the missiles themselves, which are of the Hellfire variety. The drones, manufactured by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems cost around $4.5 million dollars each and are now possessed by a number of different countries, with a total of around 200 thought to have been created.

MQ-1 Predator
From the number of times Predators have been successfully deployed, it would appear that basing my knowledge of the military on whatever the news networks have been reporting has given me a distorted idea of what technology is currently available. Also, if technology like this has been available since 2001, it makes me wonder what insane devices have been created that we don't know about? I'm hoping Spartan Lasers and Mass Effect drives. As humans though, there is one very important question that we should all be asking ourselves after finding out that this technology is in use today.

Why if Predator missiles are mounted on UAVs, do we have to wait until we get a kill-streak of five to use them when the drone is available after just three?

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