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Thankless Answers - 1st March 2010 Ian's avatar
While the world and its niece has been afraid to turn on their PS3 in case it breaks in a weird random and awful manner, I have been more than happy to turn my PS2 to catch up on the Yakuza series as mentioned earlier. At least with this problem it does seem quite likely that they'll be able to fix it via an update. They also might brake it in a different manner with the same update if they try and rush it out without proper testing. Such is the age we live in with these regular software updates, as always I advise caution. By which I mean check to see if #apocalyps3 or #xboxmageddon is trending on twitter.

It has lead to some funny stories in mainstream media who should really know better. If you are to believe the BBC, Playstation 3 owners should 'stop gaming', which whether they are talking about an indefinite suspension of their gaming activities, or some sort of campaign to eradicate the entire concept of gaming from the planet, it sounds like hard work. I own one of those middle era pre-slim PS3s which I am electing not to turn on till it all blows over. The craziest thing about this whole business is that apparently all the dev kits that developers use to make PS3 games have been out of action all day as well. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in Sony's meetings about this today, bet there is a lot of pointing and yelling.

All that aside, let's see what woes are troubling poor googlers out there today.

Question: bioshock 2 what button opens inventory?

Answer: None of them do!

Why? Bioshock 2 has no inventory! I don't know if you remember Bioshock sir, but that didn't have an inventory either. I'd chalk this up to Irrational's attempts to streamline the concepts of System Shock 2 down into a more accessible game. Streamlining is a pretty risky proposal, and you often are left with a slightly odd system. As your character in Bioshock, you are walking around constantly stuffing your face with 10 year old cream cakes, frantically smoking entire packs of sodden cigarettes, and downing entire bars worth of alcohol just because you can't put stuff in a bag and take it with you. This streamlining process clearly lead to how Mass Effect 2 ended up with how it handled it's guns and armour, but that was definitely an improvement over the original.

The worst example of streamlining ever was the universal ammo system from Deus Ex: Invisible War, a system that meant that when you were out of ammo for one gun, you were out of ammo for all guns and were stuck hitting your enemies with a traffic cone, or whatever the melee weapon was in that game. Most of Bioshock came from System Shock 2, a game I loved very dearly. System Shock 2 is unarguably a deeper game, in that you have to do more stuff in menus and most aspects were just straight up more complicated. You had to find pots of various elements to do research instead of happy slapping enemies to research them in Bioshock 2. Taking bullets out of loaded guns was somehow a eight step process as well instead of the 'hit X' that it is in Bioshock.

Anyway, as a stop gap you can hold down the right bumper and pretend it's an inventory, or throw in Resident Evil 5 and remind yourself why a bad inventory is sometimes worse than no inventory. I have now used the word inventory so many times that it has lost all meaning. There! Problem solved.

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