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Thankless Answers - 23rd Feb 2010 Ian's avatar
As I sit here staring at an ever growing list of search terms, I can’t help but notice that we are starting to get a lot of terms similar to the ones I have been writing about. There are now three versions of ‘How do I change my clothes in Bioshock 2 multiplayer’ and another one asking about sequels to Dragon Age. I hope that they are finding my answers, if so I will of helped like 4 people already. It’s sort of like Yahoo Answers, but it takes far longer, and I have to answer every question. The submission process is also a bit cumbersome.

I should detail it here.

1. Type a question in google.
2. Find a Thankless Grind page in the search results, and click through to it.
3. If the page already contains the answer, go to 1.
4. Wait about a week and see if I noticed it in the logs, and wrote an article around it.

For one person who has gone through this process, this is their lucky day. For here is today’s question!

Question: what does gutter trash mean?

Answer: As like trash in a gutter.

The phrase 'Gutter Trash' was popularised by Street Fighter 3’s gentleman boxer, Dudley. While it is tempting to take the phrase literally, in the context he uses it he clearly isn’t referring to actual trash found in a gutter, but he is using it as in insult to his now unconscious foe. While a gentleman must always be dignified in victory, sometimes his opponents are just that bad and Dudley is there to put them in their place.

I have yet to determine if he will continue to dismiss people in this fashion in Super Street Figher IV. His voice actor does seem to have changed somewhat, judging from this trailer, he sounds a bit more London. He does have some good lines like "Corkscreewww!" and he keeps telling Sagat to "Keep it classy". Good stuff anyway.

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