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Thankless Answers - 22nd Feb 2010 Ian's avatar
In such a high-intensity game release season, Monday has become the day where you really have to decide which games you absolutely have to play on or before the day of their release and which you are prepared to wait on. Game of fame have a nice habit of getting new games to you for the Thursday or occasionally even the Wednesday before their Friday release date. Not properly coordinating this sort of thing sometimes has disastrous results like that one time all three of us editors ended up owning a copy of Mercenaries 2. This week I very much want to play Heavy Rain, and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, and morbid curiosity demands I get White Knight Chronicles.

Recently, we’ve managed to come up with some money saving time-share arrangements like a joint ownership of Darksiders I have barely taken advantage of. Sam insists that I am the only person on earth who cares about Silent Hill, which may actually be true, so I’ll be buying that one for me. Maybe. I imagine something terrible will happen and we’ll end up with four copies of White Knight Chronicles and no copies of Heavy Rain or something. Either way, there’s plenty to play. I hear White Knight goes on for like 80 hours, so none of us are finishing that ever. I do still have the ability finish long-ass JRPGs, but I would go back to playing Persona 4 before any of them.

Anyway, you didn’t come here for two paragraphs of blogey rambling, you came here for answers. Who am I to stand in the way of truth?

Question: avp 3 you died

Answer: Dude, I know.

A few things to note here, most important is there is no game called avp 3. I am assuming for the sake of this answer that you are referring to Rebellion’s recent Alien vs. Predator game. Wikipedia lists far more game with both Aliens and Predators in them than I ever knew about. Did you know that there was a PSP tie-in game to the Alien vs Predator movie sequel, and it was made by Rebellion in 2007, and it was terrible? Weird! Apparently I also missed the existence of a PS2 game called Aliens Versus Predator: Extinction made by a company called Zono that got bought up by MumboJumbo and vanished just like SiN developer Ritual did? When will this horrible parade of facts only interesting to me end?

Anyway, my only exposure to the recent AvP game has been when I tried the multiplayer demo for about 10 minutes, and yes I died. Often I died without ever really knowing what killed me. It wasn't very fun. Anyway, hope you find the answer enlightening!

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