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Tempered Basilisk Hides Discovered

Thankless Answers - 21st Feb 2010 Ian's avatar
It's Sunday and I still haven't succumbed and bought a copy of Alien vs Predator! Go me! I was in Game earlier and saw they were selling it for a full £39.99. Call me crazy, but I don’t quite think that game is worth that much, regardless of how many better games I sacrifice to bring the price down. I will gladly wait till I can get it for under £13 like Dark Void was less than a month after it’s release. So sorry, no real Alien vs Predator content for a while. Amazon are already selling it for £32.93, it’ll be in the bargain bin before you know it.

This weekend I haven’t been too busy to play that RE5 DLC, the new Assassin’s Creed 2 DLC, and the first “case” of Ace Attorney Investigations which is awesome as expected. Josh has been getting to grips with the Yakuza 3 demo currently available on PSN which I strongly advise you to check out. He’s also been thinking about JRPGs, which is never a good sign. None of that matters though, because the anonymous questions appearing in the search term backend keep piling up, so I now have to provide the community service of answering them with another Thankless Answer as was agreed with the courts.

Question: how do you change clothing on bioshock 2 multiplayer?

Answer: You can’t change your outfit, but you can change your mask and melee weapon using the wardrobe, or in the menu.

I strongly suspect most people who are playing the multiplayer have forgotten the existence of the apartment hub that you can use to access in various multiplayer menus in the context of standing in a swanky apartment. You can use the wardrobe to change your currently equipped mask and melee weapon. I’ve been favouring not wearing a mask, and using either a candle stick or a frying pan recently. In the menu based version, you can simply go to ‘Customization’ then ‘Character Aesthetics’. You can also switch between the 6 character models normally available. There are apparently two more characters only available for those who pre-ordered from specific outlets, I did notice these in a few maps but thought they may be unlocked later on. Expect them to show up in any Multiplayer focussed DLC packs I guess. .

There is probably a good argument for not using the apartment based menu system, as it loads the apartment up between rounds in the background which slows the map changing process down and gives you less time to fiddle with the your loadouts. I haven’t really played any more of this since hitting Level 10, not sure if I will at this point. Maybe I would f I had a few less games sitting in my in tray.

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