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Thankless Answers - 20th Feb 2010 Ian's avatar
We all finally made it to Saturday! I think we’ve all done well to get here and I have to say it really came together at the end there, so let’s all give ourselves a big round of applause for another week succesfully survived. While we recover from hangovers and general alcohol related injuries, we can turn to what really matters, the massive stack of games that we bought and should really play at some point. For me, closest to the top of the stack is Dante’s Inferno which I should really push on with. I finally beat Bioshock 2 recently so expect a review of that relatively soon. I also received a copy of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth in the mail yesterday, so I shall be donning my cravat and getting my investigation on with that one.

I might also find myself trying to decide whether to swap Bayonettta for £20 off a much worse game, Alien vs Predator. I really like Bayonetta, infact I like it about 5/5 worth, but I’m not sure I intend to play it again after finishing it. The Hard mode seemed immediately too hard for me to contemplate trying to get through and I doubt they'll be releasing much in the way of DLC for it, so I don’t really need to keep it around do I? Sam has a copy anyway. Eh, well we’ll see what the outcome of that is. For now though, it’s time for another Thankless Answer!

Question: are they already planning dragon age 2?

Answer: Yes. Yes they are.

While no game called ‘Dragon Age 2’ has been announced by EA or BioWare, in the recent EA line-up announcement they revealed they intended to release a Dragon Age Title for Consoles, PC and Handhelds in Q4 of their Financial year 2011 otherwise known as Q1 2011 for people who don’t have slide-rules and tax forms for brains. BioWare co-head dude Dr. Greg Zeschuk also had a quote where he referred to a ‘Dragon Age 2’, which he said will look far nicer than Dragon Age: Origins did on consoles. It’s good to see him acknowledge that because it the first Dragon Age really looked pretty terrible at times. It also didn’t really have an art style. They should work on that.

I hope I’ve managed to answer your question, Mr. un-attributed entry in a stats backend page.

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