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As I continue to reacquaint myself with World Of Warcraft after a six month sabbatical, I find myself taking an inevitable trip down memory lane and reliving my experiences with the game in the weeks and months following its initial release. The 'Classic' edition of WoW had a very different feel to it due to third party add-ons severely hamstrung by a rudimentary API, a more determined attempt by Blizzard to stop patches from being data-mined and the absence of in-game aids such as the quest tracker. These were they days when Thottbot was king and Wowhead was just a glint in the milkman's eye.

I'm sure it will shock and appal a lot of players who have only recently joined the WoW community that due to these factors, general chat was often the best place to obtain quest information. What was the same back good old days though is the amount of people who can't be bothered to read their quest log properly and nowhere was this more evidence than the now infamous Barrens chat. One quest in particular, 'Lost In Battle' was the source of more than its fair share of queries and the specific question that kept cropping up time and time again was the same as the one tackled in today's Thankless Answer.

Question: Where can I find Mankrik's wife?

Answer: On the road to Camp Taurajo, but not for much longer.

Due to a unhappy chain of events, Mankrik's Wife actually appears in the game world as a 'Beaten Corpse' next to two huts on the road between Crossroads and Camp Taurajo. Those looking for a more precise description of the location should refer to the following map.

Read the quest log next time!
The more experienced members of the WoW community might find themselves more enlightened by a slightly different question.

What will happen to Mankrik's Wife' once Cataclysm transforms the face of Azeroth?

From the pre-release media that Blizzard have made available, we know that the Barrens is going to be split into two distinct regions by rivers of lava. Although the northern portion of the zone will be reserved for players between level 10 and 20, the southern segment, where the 'Beaten Corpse' currently resides, will be earmarked for high level characters on the journey towards the level cap.

Camp Taurajo, the nearest Horde outpost to Mankrik's wife, will be set ablaze by the Alliance and replaced by a number of towers as they make a push to claim the newly ravaged zone. In response, the nearby entrance to Durotar will be protected by the assembly of several high walls and a gate, while elsewhere in the zone, druid Naralex will cultivate lush areas of vegetation around the existing oases.

To be forgotten amid all of these changes would seem a rather ignominious end for the legend of Mankrik's Wife, but thankfully, it appears that even Blizzard have acknowledged her notoriety and have plans to address the future of the long maligned corpse. A preview of Cataclysm in the second issue of Blizzard's World Of Warcraft Magazine has implied that before the impending disaster scars the landscape, Mankrik will manage to retrieve the corpse and give his beloved wife the funeral she deserves.

God rest her soul.
I can't help but feel warm and fuzzy inside when a developers demonstrates how in touch they are with their community. It's reassuring to know that Blizzard are aware of how significant the legacy of Mankrik's Wife is to a lot of their veteran players and I can only hope that the revered Captain Hecklebury Smotts gets the same treatment once Cataclysm is upon us.

Not so barren any more.

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Oh poor, Mankrik. I'm real glad they are properly honoring this legend of poorly explained quests. It's weird going back and playing Wow at the moment and not needing to have to constantly switch over to my laptop to look stuff up about quests I am doing. By telling us where the objectives are and how much all the stupid quest rewards sell for they've eliminated much of my need to refer to anything outside of the game. Good for them, I guess.

I am afraid I've been guilty of shouting this in an attempt to be funny in various inappropriate general chat channels. During early raiding, it was for some reason considered inappropriate to talk in the general chat channel of the various raid instances. Raid leaders got upset that you were filling up everyone's chat box with nonsense and distracting their 39 strong army of incredibly bored nerds from the important things such as arguing about whose fault that last wipe was (It was the tanking warriors fault. Get it together you knuckleheads!). Oft-dodgy instance servers meant that guilds often blamed each others presence in the raid instances for any weird lag experienced, which they were probably completely correct to. Eventually inappropriate language would be used, people would be reported, and someone would get a 24 hour ban. Ah, memories.


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